Splish Splash!

After breakfast I got all the dackels together and washed them down in the shower. I think I had not bathed them since last summer! In any case, Jack came into the bathroom and I was going to hand him Anneliese to dry, when Greta snuck out of the shower dripping wet and ran from the room! Oh my goodness everything got soaked! We tried to find and dry off each of the girls, and then we got Arnie out. The poor little guy was all alone in the shower. Ah well, rugs dry!

Bathing beauty and all around sneak, Greta!

July 9 09 Stinky Greta19

Now if I had been smart I would have just stayed home, and done housework all day. But no, I decided to run some errands, which is never a good idea.

I did the usual. I got the mail, went to the grocery store and then on my way back home I saw that the car wash was open. Hmmmm, I thought, this Jeep sure could use a wash. It was covered with sand and salt and grime from our sloppy winter roads. However, in the last few days things have dried out and I knew that this would be a great day to get it washed.

I turned in, paid my money, and started through the automatic wash. Splish, splash, spray, and the brushless system, cleaned the Jeep right off. I could hear the under carriage jets washing off below. All was going along well, until we reached the rinsing part of the cycle.

The water came pouring into the Jeep through the drivers side door frame! I got soaked! I tried to put my hand up to stop the water coming in (like that would even have worked!), but it didn’t. I sort of felt like  I was in an “I Love Lucy” episode and glanced around for Lucy’s faithful sidekick Ethel! But all I found was a drenched Maribeth!

I came home soaking wet!

As I sit here tonight, giggling over the events of the day, I have to say one thing, besides having a clean car and clean doggies, I also laughed a lot!

Isn’t that what we hope for at the end of the day?

Love, Life and Lots of Laughter!

9 thoughts on “Splish Splash!”

  1. Hahaha ! a rather wet day ! That reminds when I once got stuck in a car wash, just in the middle where the stripes are beating around the car. I had a 2CV at that time with a tissue roof and I tell you I thought it was my last day until they stopped the machines and pulled me out !

  2. LOL! That sounds like something that would happen to me! 🙂 The Lucy comparison was perfect, I could really imagine it, because I loved that show. Good think you laughed and didn´t get angry…

  3. LOL I can just imagine how hard I would have laughed at all those dackels running loose, squirming and shaking drops of water everywhere! Hope the Jeep (and you) have dried off nicely!

  4. I’ll bet Greta was thinking “See it isn’t so funny when it is you in the shower! HA!” Glad you are nice and clean now, too. 🙂

    Life is short and the chance to laugh should be taken at every opportunity.


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