Morning Sickness & Cherry Jelly

This morning Hubby reported that one of the dogs had vomited next to the toilet in the half bath. Since it was just bile, and a small amount, he suspected Anneliese.

He joked that, had her legs been longer she could have reached the toilet, but seeing as she has those short little legs…well, we just have to be grateful she made it into the room with tiles!

Aug 23 008

Later in the day, after she had eaten, she vomited again. Now normally I would be upset if one of the dogs were ill, but tonight I am feeling a little more like this is confirmation, a day in advance that Anneliese is pregnant!

What do you think?


I went to Weight Watchers and lost 2 pounds! I will keep eating the fruits and vegetables and watch the proteins and hopefully next week I will do just as well!


I came home from Weight Watchers and took the cherry juice and made 16 jars of cherry jelly. That was three batches. I did the first one alone, and I found I was a pair of hands short, and I just couldn’t move fast enough, so I begged asked Hubby to help me with the second and third batches. That went so much better!

June 30 010

I’ve got a big shopping to do tomorrow for the weekend. It’s the 4th of July here in America. Our I’ve got a big shopping to do tomorrow for the weekend. It’s the 4th of July here in America. Our Independence Day! My sister and cousin are coming up and we will have a quiet barbecue. Then in the evening, we’ll drive down to the docks and watch the fireworks!

8 thoughts on “Morning Sickness & Cherry Jelly”

  1. Happy puppy news, Anneliese is the best. And the jelly looks too scrumptious to be true. Just now able to catch up; worked Tue and Wed. How is your new job going? Do you enjoy it? Will it be too much with your busy schedule? How did you find time to work and do all the rest also???

  2. lol “my sister and cousin” and your cousin’s three friends! You’re going to have a few folks, that’s for sure!

  3. I didn’t know that dogs have morning sickness , too 🙂 but yes, I would take that as a good sign that she’s pregnant!

    Oh, and this homemade jelly just looks awesome!

  4. I didn’t know that dogs get morning sickness,lol !

    My cats go out, eat grass, come back and vomit on the rags ! The tiles are not comfy enough !

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