My Dream Last Night

Okay, I actually remember this weird dream that I had. The strangest part was that it went on and on and on. So here goes.

I was on my ELEPHANT riding around New Hampshire enjoying the pretty foliage. My elephant had the nicest long mane, like a horse, and since I was not in a saddle or using any sort of harness, I just held on to the mane. My elephant and I understood each other. If I wanted to go one way or the other my elephant would go that way.
I felt terribly safe on top of my elephant, and high above, knew I could never be touched by man nor beast. I heard someone crying and I had my elephant go toward the sound to rescue the mournful soul.
Suddenly, my husband was there, and he was telling me that he had a chance for us to act in a movie. I looked around, and my elephant was gone. So we walked around on this set and soon they called cut and someone said we could all get out SAG union cards.
I went to get mine, and as I turned a corner I was back on my elephant.
And I woke up.
Okay. Dream people, what was that all about?

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