Weight Watchers, Dresses & Glasses

Wednesday I was running all day long, and here I am at 9 pm, just sitting down to write. Total craziness!

I had Weight Watchers, and did okay. I mean, I stayed the same, so that’s okay. I stayed as long as I could, and then I headed out because I wanted to find a new dress for the Reunion we will be attending in October.

I tried on many dresses and it is amazing how different styles make you look either too fat or just right. After I tried on 6 dresses, I finally found one I like, and at $39.00 I cannot complain at the price. It’s a solid black dress with an A-line skirt. Very pretty. I look very slender!

Then I was off to get my eyes examined and that went okay and I picked out new glasses.


I like these and so I ordered the new ones. They should be here in two weeks.

Our friends from Florida arrived this afternoon for the night. We went to dinner at Canoe and now we are sitting chatting.

Today I will be going to my cousin’s house to take care of her. She is finally home and now it’s time for the TLC! (Tender Loving Care!)

6 thoughts on “Weight Watchers, Dresses & Glasses”

  1. I need new glasses. My eyes are horrible but I wear contacts all the time so I haven’t bothered getting a new pair in years.

    My pair is probably about 17 years old, the perscription is way wrong, the lenses are completely scratched up and they have an odd yellowish tint to them (they used to turn into sunglasses when I went outdoors but that’s mostly worn off and just left the tint.)

    I keep them for emergencies only, but I really should have a pair that I can… you know… see out of :p I like to give my eyes a break from the contacts sometimes but if I put them on I get an instant headache haha.

  2. Ohh post a picture of the dress – the perfect little black dress is always a great find! I have to get my glasses updated too – after my trip through – after!

  3. They look like my glasses, very discreet ! I have to go to the eye doctor too just to have a check up, I think my view has changed again, the funny thing is my view is getting better with the age, since I am shortsighted !

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