Happy Friendship Day

Today is the eleventh anniversary of my friendship with Uschi. You can go HERE to learn how we met each other. Over the years, we have written to each other almost every day. We aren’t able to speak on the phone like many people, but then, sometimes I think we know each other better because we can write all of our thoughts down and send them off.

When we get together and start talking, it is as if we just saw each other yesterday and we chatter along like two little parakeets!

It still amazes me, that when I least expected to find a friend and sister of my soul, I found one in Uschi!

Happy 11 years to us!

5 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Day”

  1. P.S. Thank you for the Christmas card/letter. I just received it today.
    I didn´t send out any cards last year (due to the stress I was having). Sorry

  2. Dearest Maribeth,
    It makes me happy I am allowed to be your sister in soul and best friend.
    Love you, Uschi

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