Off I Go…

I’m heading to Connecticut today. Mom has taken a turn for the worse and I want to be there. She has stopped eating and it seems her kidneys are shutting down. Although she has said all she needs is my sister, I’m thinking that this is probably not true any longer. I think she does, at least, need me to come and see her again, before she starts her journey to the other side.

Even if our mother doesn’t need me, I know my sister does, so I will be going down more to be with her than anything.

It seems very sad when you realize that when she is gone Mel and I, along with my cousins, (formerly known as the kids of our family), will be the senior members of the clan. All those beloved Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents, gone from this world. And soon, Mom.

On Monday I worked like mad on Laundry, cleaning and packing. Hubby will have to manage himself and the dogs. I hate leaving them, but it’s important that I go.

I’ll be keeping you all posted.

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