Happy 10th Birthday, Fritz!

Today is Fritz’s tenth birthday! My how the years have flown by! We have said this before, we have had wonderful White Shepherds, but Fritz is in a league of his own! He is quite simply the best White Shepherd we have ever had!

He is gentle and kind with all that he meets, he loves the dackels and is their body guard.

Most of all, he loves his Daddy beyond words! Following him everywhere that he goes.

If I call him, he comes, and is always happily wagging his tail! He loves me and I adore him too!

So Happy Tenth Birthday, Fritz, Darling!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday, Fritz!”

  1. Happy birthday Fritzi 🙂
    I have never seen him in person but I know he is wonderful!
    It is a gift to have such companion in our life. We wish Fritz a long and healthy life.
    Love Uschi

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos of Fritz! I enjoyed seeing him grow up. He looks so much like his mother, Dottie and his grandfather Super. Happy Birthday Fritz!

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