Friday With Savannah!

On Friday I spent the day babysitting Savannah. It’s really the first time that I have had Savannah for this amount of time, and did I have fun.

July 26 13 015

We played on the floor, we danced to music, we read books and I made her lunch and then she fell asleep in my arms.

Savannah Grandma

That was the most special part of the day! Feeling that sweet, perfect, little body fall asleep in my arms.

Savannah is really a delight.

July 26 13 023

She is happy, and has such an even temperament. For instance, she has a little cold right now, but you would never would have known it by the way she was acting.

July 26 13 013

It was the best day and one I want to remember always, so I can tell her stories about it in the future.

5 thoughts on “Friday With Savannah!”

  1. Difficult to know who had more fun and was happier – you or Savannah. So pleased to see you had this wonderful opportunity. Every so often I am able to spend the day with Embyr and thus understand your feelings. Going to have her and Jesse with Anne today. Planning to purchase her a pair of Mushus today – they squeak with each step. Now that she is walking it will be just so much fun to watch her face as she realizes she is making the noise. Is Savannah’s hair reddish? Certainly appears that in the photos. If so – you lucky Grandma – my favorite hair color. More later. Love you!!

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