Thunder & Lightening

It’s raining again. And this time we have the added bonus of thunder and lightening. This means that I have all four dogs surrounding me.

Especially Fritz. He is a big, beautiful White German Shepherd, but he is an awful baby!

The dackels seem to have a handle on the bad weather, but they do not like the rain and refuse to go out in it. I will have to drag them out later before bed!

I’m not a big fan of thunder and lightening either. I do, however, love the rain!


The storms have passed and it is quietly raining once again. Oh I love that sound. I hope it will rain until I go to bed. I always sleep well with the sound of rain helping me slip into slumber!

2 thoughts on “Thunder & Lightening”

  1. We had an insane storm here last night too. The lightning was crazy! Hubs said it was a treacherous ride home from work as trees and limbs were falling everywhere. It almost felt hurricaine-like. Glad to see the sun shining today. Enjoy your time with your girl!

  2. Abby is the same with thunder and fireworks. She is fearless otherwise. I used to really love thunder and lightening, but not so much now because she gets so distressed. Going to try a “thunder coat” which is supposed to be helpful. First I should order it;)

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