A Letter From Fritz’s Original Family

I got this wonderful email today:

Maribeth & Jack,

I am heartbroken for the both of you! Only someone who has loved a pet as one of their own family members can truly appreciate the hurt and loss one feels. The similarities between Berlinn and Fritz’s passing are startling, even to the point of coming in the house and laying beside Mike as the last place he was able to get up. Fritz was so much like his dad, he had such a loving gentle spirit. He always always was my favorite of the litter. Due to my naivety of dogs reproducing the litter was unexpected, but looking back at it now I see what a blessing each puppy was, and how many lives were touched by them.

Out of all the puppies Fritz from the beginning was different, he wanted the human contact (I should say expected, lol) and always would sit on my lap and observe the other puppies like he was seeing them from our eyes. Even when they would go outside to play he stayed by my side and waited for me to interact with the puppies before he would, he was the only one that I kept inside with me only because he seemed more connected to us than he did Dottie (his mom) He even had a special spot by the fireplace he would lay at because of the cool marble, he was so mellow we never worried about him wandering or getting into trouble (but I am sure you have stories 🙂 ) I was elated when we met Jack and saw what a wonderful home he was going to, he was defiantly the lucky one of the bunch. I still remember the picture you sent of Fritz fully grown sitting on your lap as if he was a small lap dog, he didn’t care how big he was, he wanted to make sure he got his cuddle time.

I can’t thank you and Jack enough for all the updates and posts and pictures from the last 10 years, you have made us feel connected to Fritz like he was still a part of our family, thank you.

Please let me know if there is anything I could do for you, I am so very sorry for your loss.

With love,

Mike and Angie

2 thoughts on “A Letter From Fritz’s Original Family”

  1. What a lovely letter! So wonderful and it sure means so much during a time of great loss to hear all those nice things about Fritz. He was a real blessing right from the beginning of his life! Love YOU, Mel

  2. What wonderful letter. Great the breeder of Fritz still keeps on contact to you. It shows me they bread with their heart and not just to earn money by breeding dogs. Yes, Fritz was a wonderful dog! I am with you in my thoughts and feelings.
    Love Uschi

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