Hubby and I are quietly grieving. We both keep expecting Fritz to come to the door or wake us in the morning. The shock of his loss is still with us.

I finally asked Hubby if he wanted to get another White German Shepherd? He said that eventually he would. But he wants to do some research so we get a nice healthy boy with good hips.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the dackels and they are going everywhere with the two of us. Why Arnie even went out today with Hubby and helped him clearing away the ice on the driveway. They were out there for nearly an hour and Arnie was a very good boy.

The three dackels are starting to recover from Fritz’s loss. The first couple of days they were so depressed. Today they were much brighter.

If it was only that easy for Hubby and me.

5 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. it isn’t easy and it takes time. There is a huge hole in all of the daily events in your lives. I think a pup would be great when you both feel ready. Love YOU, Mel

  2. Oh God, it is hard to only read this. I am still missing Whiskey so much. Some days it is really bad and I could just start crying.
    It’s such a shame that they don’t live as long as we do. I have days I am still waiting for him to come for a cuddle.

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