Friday, Freezing, Fur

Today was make the puppers beautiful day. I started in the morning, combing, stripping and trimming their coats. One after another I put them on the counter and worked.

Hubby helped by stabilizing them, in between snow blowing and ice chipping in the yard. There is just so much snow, ice and yes, even wet under the snow out there! I am so ready for spring!!!

I’d let the little buggers go fur wise for a bit because it has been so darn cold. I felt they needed every last hair on their body. Even though today was bitterly cold, I’m thinking of springtime!

I do have little sweaters for the dackels, all washed and ready to be worn.

March 22 007

March 23 004

Hubby was great today and made a lovely fire in the fireplace and all three dogs have snuggled up with it after they came in.

2 thoughts on “Friday, Freezing, Fur”

  1. Love the sweater! Spent the night last night, Nolan slept, Gabe only woke up once! Home to shower and then back to help out. I think and hope they are turning the corner to feeling much better! Love YOU, Mel

  2. It still seems very cold at your place ! We have spring moving in finally, nice warm weather. My weekend with Dario and Toby was rather stressful, I can’t see pictures of Savannah, didn’t she come ?

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