Lili & The Vet

Friday was the big day. I had to drive Lili over to our Veterinarian’s Office, which is a bit of a distance. Here in New Hampshire, it is over the river and through the woods, like much of our driving around for services.

Lili was not thrilled to be in the car, but I recalled how as a puppy she enjoyed music, so I popped in a CD and she settled down in the back seat on the floor and was quiet. I sort of held my breath, waiting for her to flip out, but she didn’t!

We arrived at the office, and once again, I worried. However, she was an angel! We got her weighed in (she is 66 pounds of muscle!), and then the Vet did her exam, and gave her all of her shots. I was really thrilled with the appointment and with my excellent doggy companion!

Where was the real Lili?

We drove home and came in the house, and Lili crashed out on the sofa pretty quickly, and has remained quiet most of the day.


I’m just glad that something I have been dreading, went so well. She really is growing up and settling down!

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  1. Looks like the “excitement” of the vet visit just pooped her out. What a good dog. She looks like an absolute sweetie.

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