Friday Five

Well Thursday turned out to be the busiest day I have had in a very long time. It didn’t start that way, but somehow, as the hours passed things popped up!

  1. I was in for my yearly physical. Everything is good, and really, I wish I could share my low blood pressure with everyone. I am so grateful for that, as I know many people who are fighting, trying to bring their blood pressure down. I got my flu shot, and found out that last year when I had my tetanus shot it was actually a combo tetanus/whooping cough shot, so I am all safe for all the babies in my life!
  2. While I was out shopping, I got a call from Hubby. Could I get everything I need to make the Cabbage Soup that he loves? Well, yeah, except I needed to go to another grocery store for zucchini and celery because the shop I was in the produce was terrible!
  3. So off I went to another grocery store and I got the needed produce, and a few other things. $45.00 later, I was out loading the car with all those bags.
  4. I came home, made my lunch and then started peeling, chopping and preparing the vegetables for the soup. Trust me, it take a while when you make a triple batch!
  5. Lastly I had to feed the dogs and prepare our dinner. Their dinner was easy, and try as I might to keep our dinner easy, I feel like I failed. On a positive note…I did not eat anything that I should not have. And for that I am grateful!

It’s now nearly 8:30 on Thursday night, and I still must put the soup in containers for storage in both the fridge and the freezer. Then I think bed will be on my list. I am tired, but this is a good tired, as I got so many things done!

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