Another Busy, Busy, Busy!

What an incredibly busy day I had today. Very productive and also helpful as I prepare for tomorrows storm. It all started when I woke up.

I could still feel some cartilage where my tooth used to be, so I called first thing this morning and got an appointment for late in the day.

Meanwhile, breakfast was made, and cleaned up, laundry was done, and I was out the door at eleven o’clock to buy Hubby a battery for his blood testing machine, and get the mail.

After that I rushed to my hairstylists appointment, and just like Tinkerbell, she waved her magic wand and suddenly my hair color was what it had been when I was a mere teenager! My, my, that girl is good.

I came home in time to make lunch. I know you read all that I did above and that was all before lunch! So lunch was made and Hubby was happy, but my mouth was bothering me, so I couldn’t finish eating.

Hubby decided to go off for a walk with Lili, who just looks forward to these little forays with her Daddy, like you would not believe!

Hubby arrived back and out the door I went for my dental exam. After getting some Novocaine, he found the cartilage, removed it and sent me on my way.

Tonight I’m feeling a little sore, but pretty happy that I got so much done in one day. Tomorrow is supposed to be the big storm, so I am prepared to hunker down, and watch some movies and do laundry.

A great way to spend a snow day!

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