Bring It On

As Hubby and I sat eating breakfast, we noted that the weatherman was forecasting snow coming into our area on Tuesday night, and then as Wednesday dawns, the snow would change to ice, slush and eventually rain.

Hubby had checked our fuel oil tank, and finding it just below 1/4 of a tank, he called to order the oil. You see we have a 600 foot driveway that is all downhill from the road.

Feb 27 11 010 

The photo above was taken a few years ago. That’s Hubby and Fritz working to clear the drive. It’s all uphill from there. 


Looking down into the bottom of the drive.

And of course, when you leave here, it is all uphill. The fuel oil trucks really have a tough time with our driveway in the winter when there is any snow or ice on it. So, we always pray for a clear driveway, when we need oil.

Not expecting that the oilman would arrive today, we were caught off guard, when as we sat down to lunch, the oilman arrived. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our usual man, but the oilman who delivers on Mondays. He was quite nice and even enjoyed meeting four slightly muddy dogs!

So, now that our tank is full, and the cupboards are as well, after yesterdays big grocery shopping event, I can safely say, “Mother Nature, bring it on!”

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  1. We got oil just in time for the last big snow we had. I expect we won’t have too much tonight. Love YOU, Mel

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