A Little Lili Story

I had a shocking thing happen to me today when we returned from the grocery store. I had walked the dackels first, when we got in, and later Hubby was breaking up ice on the patio and Lili went out to be with him.


I set about to put things away, and I went into our bedroom and I glanced out the front window in the bedroom and there was Lili running around on the frozen lake below with two people!

I was so upset! We had this happen years ago when Fritz was young. I had put on my robe, boots, coat, hat and gloves, and marched down carrying a leash and clipped it on Fritz’s collar, dragging him home, yelling at him and telling him what a bad boy he was! After that incident, Fritz never left the yard.

Today, I was preparing to get mad at Hubby for not watching Lili, and had grabbed my coat, when I went to the back door and opened it. To my complete shock, in walked Lili! I swear she was smiling!

The dog down on the ice was not Lili at all, but another dog (an impostor I think!). Or maybe it was a memory, I thought!

Then I heard from my neighbors who saw Lili down on the ice. I hated to break it to them, that in fact, Lili had been home the entire time!

Lili has gotten to be an amazing girl. Almost all the time now she stays right at home and she never goes down near the road.

What a great friend she has become!

4 thoughts on “A Little Lili Story”

  1. She’s so gorgeous. Glad there was no ice incident.
    Tobi was always very weary and sceptical when we walked on the frozen lake with him – perhaps instinct.

  2. You should have gone down and found her twin and owners. They might have become good friends. Love YOU, Mel

  3. when I remember what troubles you had with her at the beginning and now shee brecame such a good girl who loves you ! That’s wonderful. Sometimes it takes time but it was worthwhile

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