My Husband, Jack

So much has been going on the last few days. I have hardly had a chance to sit, sleep, let alone write. But tonight, I have the time, and the inclination to sit and write.

Jack, my husband was admitted to the hospital on Friday with a severe infection caused by his diabetes. It started in his toe, and spread into his foot and up his leg. His body wasn’t fighting the infection, so he had no fever at all. Oddly enough, his temperature was only 97 degrees (F).

They took him by ambulance to the Veteran’s Hospital in Vermont, where they began treating him with two strong IV antibiotics.

Meanwhile, I’ve been driving back and forth (an hour each way) and I have tried to keep the house running, the dogs cared for, and at the same time made sure that Jack has what he needs at the hospital to be comfortable.

Today his 18 year old cell phone died and so on my way over, I had to stop at Verizon and get him a new one. He did not want a Smart Phone, but just a simple flip phone like the one he has had. Here is the miracle. They actually still make them.

Once I got to his room, I set about adding a few of his contacts, and showing him how to use it, which is basically how the old one worked. Score one for me! He was so happy and when I glanced at his face, he looked a bit better.


The last few days travels have not been uneventful. Yesterday on my return home I was two cars in back of a compact car that suddenly went off the road and hit a tree going 40 miles an hour! The airbags deployed, noses were bloodied, but all five young people walked away with only bruises. The car was totaled. I saw it happen and pulled into a parking lot and called 9-11 and got police and fire on scene in under 4 minutes. The police arriving in under 2 minutes. I felt quite shook up witnessing this, and I guess it made me think of my own accident all those years ago.

The dogs are a tad confused with Jack gone. Arnie lies on the floor by the bedroom door waiting for his Daddy. And when the door gets opened, his little heart breaks when his Daddy is not there.

My friends have been wonderful. They have helped me with the dogs, listened to me, and one friend is going to help with our lawn. I need to line up help with the fruit trees, and possibly get someone to help me with the cleaning.

I guess I am trying to put everything in order so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

The prognosis for Jack’s toe, foot and leg are still unclear. For now he will be in the hospital until the infections are under control.

But I’m here, and I will write when I can.

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  1. Thinking of you both .and wishing Jack the most speedy recovery.. Thanks for update ..
    Take care of yourself Maribeth


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