Hot Water!

I returned home from the Beach Trip with Savannah, only to find we have no hot water. Now, I wish it were as simple as the need for a new hot water tank, but alas, that is not the case.

We have under the floor, radiant, hot water heating. This is run by a Master Controller, made by Tekmar. It’s a great system, or should I say, it was until the Master Unit died. And when it is dead, it is really dead!

The unit is almost 20 years old, so I cannot fault it for its demise, but…have you ever tried to live in a house with 4 dogs and a husband, and no hot water? It’s…ah…unpleasant!

Now our system isn’t the easiest to work with. Most people say, Tekmar? What’s that? So we were lucky enough to get three names of people who do work on our system. The thing is, by the time we got those names it was late in the afternoon on a Friday, and so…no hot water for us for probably a week.

I’ve been heating water for sponge baths, and for washing my hair, I heat several containers to just wash it and rise. Then, I use a leave-in conditioner. But people, I am telling you, I am ready to run away from home!

Meanwhile, our dishwasher has a water heating setting, so at the very least, our dishes are clean and sanitary.

I’m only just slightly stressed but will feel so much better when we can actually reach a person to fix our system. Being in limbo is no fun at all!

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