Home Again

On Tuesday morning I drove back to Meredith after getting Savannah off to school and waiting for the plumbing and heating guys to work on Mandy and Matt’s furnace.


Savi waiting for her bus! As I watched her waiting, and then getting onto the school bus, I recalled her mother and standing and waiting with her. Wasn’t that just the other day? It’s crazy really. As I keep saying, the time has flown by, and so much has changed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


My beautiful and sweet grandson, Quinn, using the Ipad. I am amazed at his brain to hand dexterity.  I watched him as he learned numbers and letters and used his fingers to put things in circles and boxes.

As I drove the one hour back to my home, I noted that most of the pretty foliage was gone. I wondered about this until I learned that the night before a cold front moved through with high winds. The news reported that there were trees down and power outages. Thus the end of our leaf season was upon us.

I was greeted by my husband and dogs as if I had been gone for several years instead of just a couple of days. Jack said the dogs all showed signs of depression during my absence. I still believe that they are a completely different pack of dogs without their fearless leader, Greta!

So I am home, feeling happily tired and with a big smile on my face. Time spent with my grandchildren is always a good thing. I can hardly wait to see them again


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