It’s Just That Time Of The Year

I drove out early this morning to go back to Weight Watchers, which is now known as WW. Curiously, it is very odd to suddenly feel like you are not a part of a large weight loss plan but somehow involved in a new reality. Wellness.  It left me feeling a little bit cold, but perhaps it will grow on me in time. It did feel good to be back with my friends, and if nothing else, that Wednesday time, with them is worth so much to me.


On my drive in I saw some cute Turkey Ladies grazing along the roadway. They’re all looking pleasingly plump right now, which could explain why the Pilgrims and  Native Americans cooked turkeys on Thanksgiving!


Honestly, I am counting down the days until Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite National Holiday! Mostly because I LOVE all the food!

My Mom used to tease me. She told me I was actually due at the end of November, but I arrived in the middle of the month, as I wanted my first Turkey Meal! I may not have eaten that first Thanksgiving, but I haven’t missed one of them since. A grand turkey dinner is at the top of my list!

Toward the end of the afternoon, the sky got very dark and the wind picked up. I felt uncomfortable. Like something was about to happen.  Sure enough, it did!



The sky opened up and the hail beat down, and the wind blew and eventually, the rain began to pour! It didn’t last long, but it sure was memorable! In the picture above, all that white stuff is the hail that fell. The noise that the hail made on the window air conditioners sure freaked out Lili!

The day ended pleasantly, with a good meal,  and now a little TV.  It’s nice to be home and to relax with Jack and the three puppers!



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