The Friday 7

Megan’s Questions for Friday:

1. Do you think you’re lucky? Nope.

2. Did you think you would turn out that way you have? You’ve got to be kidding!

3. Would you rather wake up early or sleep in late? I keep dreaming of the day the dogs let me sleep later then 6:15! So, late.

4. What was a kindness shown to your recently? A little someone set up my Blog for me! Thanks Megan!!! And then Janet helped me understand how to work it! Thanks cousin!!!

5. What was a kindness that you’ve shown to others recently? I stopped to talk to an older neighbor of mine. He’s in his 80’s a widower and just a real sweetie. I know he gets a little lonely so I stopped to give him a hug and shoot the breeze.

6. With whom would you trade places? My dogs! They’ve got a great life! hihi!!!

7. What is a secret you keep from almost everyone? I’m not telling!

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