It was my Mother’s Day

Today was one of those really nice days. I drove down to Concord, NH where I met my daughter AM and spent the day. We both have the shopping gene and really enjoy doing this together. We both have this pocket book thing going on and we love a good deal. So we wandered the entire mall, shopping here and there, and actually came away with several really good thrifty purchases.
AM took me for lunch, and a yummy dessert of a waffle cone with oreo cookie ice cream! Oh man, after nearly a year of being really good on my diet, this tasted so good and extremely sinful!
And she even brought me roses! Beautiful white and yellow roses! I felt so special. Thank you sweetie!!!
The day ended far too soon. I could have talked longer and listened more, but we both had places to be and things to do. So off we went. But this was one of the nicest Mother’s Day’s I can recall in a very long time.

One thought on “It was my Mother’s Day”

  1. I’m so glad you two had a good time!!! It’s funny…the purses thing must be genetic. Megan and I spent hours yesterday at the outlets in Wentham, and we both found our heart’s desire (in purses, anyway) 😉

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