Going North

I’m planning and packing as we get ready to go to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire. Why you ask, would we be going to Northern New Hampshire when it is supposed to rain and possibly snow (gasp) this week? To fish of course! Now I am not a big fisherman, in fact I could hold a fishing rod, but I wouldn’t know how to do anything else.
Anyway, I digress. We are going because Hubby and his college Roomie want to fish. Rain or no rain, snow or no snow, they will fish. And I will be the dutiful wife, back at the camp with the three fur children awaiting their return with hot coffee and gourmet meals cooked over an open flame!
There are phone lines there, so I will be reporting on our trip during the week. I have packed my boots, mittens, rain coat, snow parka and the dogs sweaters. All that’s left now is my heavy comforter and my book.
So while I am freezing my tookus off, think of me and smile. The things we do for love!

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  1. Ah, yes, the thing we most certainly do for love 😉

    Wonderful site – I really love the design well done 🙂

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