The Great North Woods in the Rain!!!

Well, here I am in “The Great North Woods of New Hampshire” Spring has not sprung yet here,
and the trees are still bare. And my worst fears have been realized. It is still raining! I told
Hubby that this would be the case, but like all men determined to go on their fishing trips, he
didn’t believe me. So what are they doing? (remember Hubby brough his college Roomie) They
are sitting in the camper, drinking coffee watching the TV. Seems we could be doing this at
home where it is warm and dry and I don’t have to take the dogs out on a leash to walk so I
have the joys of scooping their poop! They assure me they are going to fish later and bring
back untold fish for my eating pleasure! Ha!
I was the dutiful wife ths morning. I was up early, as usual with the pups, and made strong hot
coffee. (The temp here was all of 34 degrees F) Then I cooked up sausages and scrambled
eggs and warmed some blueberry muffins. Oh, I amaze myself at times at how truly domestic I
can be in a camper!
After all this domesticity served up with a smile, I expected them to go away and leave me to
get showered and dressed in peace. It’s nearly lunch time and they are still here! I’m not
making any more coffee in hopes that they will just leave in search of more.
I brought the beautiful roses that my daughter, AM gave me on Saturday with us, by cutting the
top of a 2 liter soda container and turning that into a camper vase. I feel like the Martha
Stewart of the camping world as I sit here with my beautiful roses in a container that can’t
break and after the removal of the label is entirely attractive. The roses are so lovely and
really brighten things up for me.
I’m sending out prayers to the SunGod for some sunshine. With sun comes a little peace and
quiet, as the mighty fishermen will go out and wait for a bite. Meanwhile I can sit in the
camper, watch some TV while eating bonbons and put up my feet!

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