End of day 1, fish are winning!

In the mid afternoon yesterday, I was told that all I needed to do was prepare vegetables and potatoes. The “men” would bring home fish for dinner. Now I know enough about fishing to know that this is not an exact science. I took out some hamburger and cut up a few things and made a gravy based dish called “Scrambled Meat”. I figured that if they actually caught some fish the scrambled meat could be used for another meal, and if they didn’t catch anything, it woud be a nice hot meal after sitting in the rain trying to catch something. (other than a cold!) They loved the scrambled meat. Yes, after sitting in the rain trying to catch something, anything, they admitted defeat and came home empty handed.
So Day One = No Fish
They are getting ready for Day Two. Naturally I was up early and made a nice breakfast for them. They’ll pack a lunch and be gone all day. So, I should have the entire day all to myself. I actually have plenty to do. I want to reorganize the closets, and do some washing down of surfaces. I brought some CD’s to listen to while I work.
Tonight a friend who lives locally is coming for dinner. I have made a cheesecake for the dessert and we’ll have steaks. If the guys actually catch something we will eat that tomorrow.
So far, no rain today. It is, however, very cloudy and we may have some showers later on. Although I am hoping that this won’t be the case. I’d like to see the sun actually show itself today.

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