The day began like all the others. Up at 6, in the cold, (about 36 degrees) and rain. I walked the dogs and came in and made the coffee. While waiting for the coffee to brew, (the camper’s coffee maker is the slowest machine on the face of the earth!) I took a couple of Tylenol for my headache and sat huddled in my coat.
Finally the coffee was ready and I sipped it slowly and felt the heat spreading through my body! Thank the good Lord for coffee!
Okay, here is the total for yesterday’s fish catch. 1. The guys spent all day out attempting to catch this multitude of fish and they bring home their only bite. An 8 inch rainbow trout. Pretty fish. But you would need about a dozen of his brothers to make a meal!
Hubby showed his prize to old girl Shubi who was jumping with delight. That dog loves fish! She followed him around while he cleaned the fish and kept trying to bite at the fish when Hubby showed it to her up close.
I performed my Domestic Duties again last night, throwing together steaks, potatoes, snapped green beans and homemade cheesecake with strawberries. There wasn’t a crumb left.
I have one day left to cook, clean and smile. Then I can go home with the dogs and get back to normal life.
It hasn’t been quite as bad as I thought it would be. That was it hadn’t been, until I discovered that I have poison ivy! Now, I have to tell you. I am so careful about this stuff because I am so allergic to it. Spring, Summer and Fall. But apparently one of the dogs, or Hubby brought it in and rubbed it on my arms. Just what I don’t need. Arms covered with tiny rashy bumps that itch like crazy!

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