Nursing Puppies

I was watching Greta nurse the puppies this morning and I noticed how vigorously Miss Pink nurses. All I could think was, if my babies had nursed like that, they would have gone on bottles before they even left the hospital!

The puppies are doing well though. Miss Pink is now just over a pound, with the other four coming in at just under a pound. Miss Yellow and of course Miss Pink have both doubled their birth weights in a week! To show you how much bigger pink is than the others here is a picture of her next to her sister Miss Red.

Dec 16 005

Greta is starting to spend more time out of the whelping box and away from the pups, yet there is always a part of her that causes her to rush back and check on them and make sure they are doing okay. Last night she crawled out of the box and came and lay down with me on my mattress. She cuddled for a while. I think she has missed me as much as I have missed her this past week.

Just think, by this time next week the puppies should have their eyes open! Wow! This is going so fast! Maybe I’ll just have to keep them all a little longer than I thought….LOL

5 thoughts on “Nursing Puppies”

  1. Ohhh my!!! Greta must have to eat and drink quite a lot to keep her supply of milk up to meet this demand!!


  2. Your grandbabies are just adoreable. All of the video worked for me today and it was awesome to see how much they have grown in such a short time. Poor Greta. No wonder she is exhausted!

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