One Week Old

Today was the first day that Greta left the pups for longer periods of time. She seemed to need to get away from it all. By “it all” I mean, five hungry little parasites that are literally sucking the life out of her! I was amazed by the fact that the pups are now a week old, and have doubled their birth weights. Of course they do nothing but eat and sleep. A occupation that I would love to have! Greta also has done her share of sleeping today. Real deep sleep.

Dec 17 004

Hubby decided that it simply wasn’t fair for Arnold to have a name and not the girls. He asked me why I was dragging my feet? Well, quite honestly, it was because I wasn’t really happy with one of the names. As much as I like the name April, it just didn’t seem right for a puppy. So we looked over a list of German names and decided on Anita. It passed the yelling out the back door for your dog test. Ah–neee—tah! Yes, that would work.

So here it is,
Miss Yellow, Anita
Miss Green, Anneliese
Miss Pink, Angelika
Miss Red, Anya

I’ve noticed the ears on the puppies are starting to open and I suspect two of the pups will have eyes that start to open soon too. There sealed eyes almost look swollen, so I suspect that this may be the case.

Meanwhile, I will have to start calling them by their names, that is if I can remember them!

14 thoughts on “One Week Old”

  1. I love the names you want to give to the babies. They all are really German names!
    Love and hugs , your German friend and sister in soul,

  2. They are just so darn adorable. I’ve been reading all along but everytime I make a comment it won’t let me publish it for some reason. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Whew..finally, they are giving her a break! This pic is so so cute, all those sleeping little tykes – both the momma and her brood.


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