Working The Program

Well, I had a great week last week and when I weighed in at WW on Wednesday, I had lost 2.4 pounds! I had also had a week where things went well. I felt good and strong in the program.

In fact, the meeting was sort of geared to the things I had done all week. And I never mind sharing.

It seemed everyone else was not talking, and so when the Leader asked questions, up went my hand, and I answered.

Finally, the Leader asked another question and I raised my hand and she said (sweetly, I might add), “Let’s give someone else a chance to answer.”

I was fine, really. I sort of felt like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books! Yesterday I actually had answers. Now what I need to do is take what I learned last week and keep applying it.

Honestly, it is not hard to put on weight, but it sure is hard to take it off!

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head!! It is so easy to gain and so hard to lose. Congratulations on your weight loss! Way to go!

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