A Tale of Two Bags

Back in 2011, I flew to Germany with Anneliese to breed her for the second time. I was Pass Riding with the company my husband had flown for before his retirement, and since there was an open First Class seat, Anneliese and I were upgraded.

jfk airpört
Anneliese and me on the way to Berlin.

It’s always nicer, when flying with a doggy, to have good seating. And so it was with Anneliese on that trip.

Part of the First Class experience was being gifted with a small toiletry bag of goodies. Toothbrush, toothpaste, sleep blinders, and tissues. The contents were nice, but what I really loved was the Little Red Bag they came in!

It was made of a material that would not absorb water. Best of all, since it was mesh, you could see the contents in the little bag.

I knew immediately that this little bag was perfect to help me to organize my purse.

I set it up with dental floss, lipstick, glasses cleaners, Splenda packets, and chapstick. I have used that bag every day of my life since.

That was until 10 days ago when I lost my Little Red Bag! I was so upset. I tried to recall the last place I had used it, which was at a Chinese Buffet, and I even called them. No luck.

I searched the cars and even looked inside my purse again. Oh my, I felt terrible. Losing something that one loves and uses is not easy to deal with!

I searched Amazon.com for a replacement type bag and finally found one that would do. Same material, same size, and when it arrived I put all the things that had been in the other bag, with the exception of my favorite lipstick. Which, unfortunately, had disappeared with the Red Bag.

Saturday I needed to change pocketbooks so I can wash my Vera Bradly bag, after spilling my flavored water on it, and as I went through the pocketbook I heard a noise. Like Tylenol tablets in a bottle (also in my little Red Bag!). I searched again and there it was in this secret zippered pocket!  Just where I had stashed it!

The Red Bag alongside the new Gray Bag. For now, I have tucked my Red Bag away for safekeeping and will use the Gray Bag.

Oh my gosh, I have now reached that stage of my life where I can hide my own Easter Eggs!

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Bags”

  1. let me assure you, you will not come to australia with a dog in your arms. quarantine for a month or more, i think. you put your red bag in a really safe place, and you forgot. we’ve all done it.

  2. That’s such a funny story. I am at the same stage but I’m happy you have two little red bags now!

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