I tend to over keep things. That being said, Sunday, while doing some cleaning, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my toe like I had stepped on a shard of glass!

I immediately stopped what I was doing, took off my 10-year-old clog, that I use as a slipper, and checked the sock and then the clog. Yep, inside the clog, coming up through the sole of the shoe, was a thin nail! Now, this wasn’t anything I had stepped on, it was actually from the construction of the clog! I attempted to get it out, but while trying to do this, I noted the holes and tears of the inside and I finally admitted to myself…”This clog must go!”

That is actually two pairs of clogs I have ditched today. A record for me, because I keep shoes forever! Really. I hate to break in shoes and my Merrell shoes and clogs last me for years.

The new clogs.

Fortunately, last winter, there had been a sale on Merrell Clogs on Amazon and I selected a pair that I would use as slippers. So it is not like I am shoeless.


Still, I’m sad to say goodbye to those shoes. I say this as I am putting a band-aid on my toe to stop the bleeding! Darn clog!

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  1. That was really an antique you were wearing ! I also keep my shoes until they fall apart, I don’t care about shoes I wear them because I have to.

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