In Memorium of Starling

After several weeks of feeding the birds, and enjoying them more than I can tell you, there was a death on our yard.

P6170003 (3)
Some of the larger birds at the feeder.

Yes, a cute little Starling flew into the sliding glass doors, more than likely to get away from a larger bird. But the end result was a thud on our sliding glass door.

I jumped to my feet and raced to the door and I could see the little birdie still alive. I grabbed my gloves and went out to see if I could save him the way I had to save Woody Woodpecker a few weeks before.

Unfortunately, Starling had broken her neck. As I carefully picked her up, she was struggling for breath. I carefully stroked her and spoke to her until she breathed her last.

Then I came inside and cried. I asked Jack to bury her little body. Which he did. While I went on the computer and ordered Bird Stickers for the windows.

Meanwhile, I have put stuff in the windows to prevent further deaths in my yard. But I am so sad to have lost little Starling.

4 thoughts on “In Memorium of Starling”

  1. How sad, I have had that several times, but fortunately most of them recovered. I put them high on our hedge (because of the cats) and when I looked later they were gone.

  2. I had a flicker hit my window, and I went outside and found him unable to move. I thought he would soon die, but after many hours, he flew away. I live in Oregon, and the starlings here are a nuisance to other birds and even to squirrels. Maybe the cold where you are limits their numbers somewhat. While I’m about as far north as you are, the ocean keeps things from being very cold here.

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