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It was incredibly hot and humid today. The kind of day that one expects thunderstorms, or should I say one hopes for them. We had many things to do today and by late afternoon I felt like a wet dishrag.

In the morning I was doing some cooking and prep work. I’m glad I did that because tonight I am too tired to cook, so we are having repurposed food!

Anneliese’s eye is doing so much better. Not that she is out of the woods, but I am thinking that some healing has taken place. She seems happier and in less pain.

By the end of the day, a migraine had found its way into my head. All I wanted was the coolness of the air conditioning and some quiet.

I found out today that I actually have two Downy Woodpeckers! They’re my favorite. Anyway, one was in the back yard and one in the front yard at the feeders! I am so lucky!

Downey Woodpecker 1They are so small and beautiful. I could watch them for hours!

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  1. And here it’s cold and humid ! that’s even worse ! Next week summer should be back hopefully. Good that they eye gets better ! Sad that you still have these migraines.

  2. Good that Anneliese’e eye is better. So nice to have the woodpeckers visiting your garden. Get well soon

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