The Friday Five

The Friday FiveIt was an amazing week, another that seemed to rush by.  I found myself driving here and there, getting a lot done. So here goes!

  1. Anneliese had her Eye Exam and right now her eyes are stable. I need to keep up the drops and keep an eye on her, but hopefully, we are through the worst of it. She will never be perfect, but at least she is out of imminent danger.
  2. My Repairman, Barry is here fixing my dishwasher! Yahoo! I have managed to do the dishes, but I admit that last night I’d had enough of the cooking and then cleaning it all up.
  3. So. last night I got a takeout menu online for the local Chinse Restaurant and we ordered meals for each of us. A night off.
  4. I fear I was being punished for being so lazy because we got the worst Chinese food that either of us had ever had. And things only got more annoying. When Jack went to pick it up it was almost $15.00 more than we had figured. It turns out that they had added pork fried rice to the order, and not just changed the option. (You know Pork Fried Rice, Fried Rice or White Rice?) S0 we had fried rice in the take out box and an extra box of pork fried rice. The good thing about being married to a thrifty Scotsman is that he wouldn’t accept the order! The woman eventually admitted her error and Jack came home with the meal. However, it was awful!
  5. Tomorrow Savannah will be in another play. My darling girl just loves acting in plays.
    I am going down for the midday performance and then will head right back home. I’ve been so worried about Jack and I don’t want to leave him for too long.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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