The Friday Five

The Friday FiveIt’s been a crazy week this week. Despite the fact that I am still not my best, I decided to keep plugging away. Here’s my list.

  1. I went in and had a bunch of tests. Still awaiting the results. I hope they find out what it is so I can start to get on the road to recovery. It’s so annoying to be sick.
  2. I’ve cooked for Jack all week. I’ve tried to make meals that I can eat a little bit of too. Baked potatoes are my best friends right now and plain simple Chicken breast.
  3. I attempted to make a new recipe for Peach Bread. It came out badly. I think I might make Jack a banana bread tomorrow. I have enough to do a splendid job of it.
  4. I decided to release the turkey! By this I mean, I got a turkey for 69¢ a pound and it’s been in my deep freeze. So, I pulled it out and it will be a turkey this weekend for dinner. I expect turkey will also be fairly easy on my stomach.
  5. Lastly, I ordered “Yesterday” and it arrived today.Yesterday-movie-starring-Himesh-Patel
    Over the weekend, I want to watch it with Jack. The music is great and I so enjoyed watching it with Mandy and Matt, so I bought the movie!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Poor you cooking when you are sick ! I would send everybody to hell or move out, lol ! Fortunately Ric can use the Microwave and I always have frozen menus in there ! I teached Dario cooking and he loves it, it’s him who cooks all the time, it’s his hobby ! Marieken is lucky !

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