Fall Back!

Today was one of those days where I found myself pondering life. Never really a good thing for me because I have always been a half-empty glass, type of gal. Although I really try not to be.

Still, as the winds blew and the leaves fell, and the trees returned to their winter skeletal form, I began feeling a bit melancholy.

I put on some music, and got out my crocheting, and tried not to dwell, but my brain would not kick-off, and I felt a heaviness in my heart.

So, I called my sister and talked for a while and that seemed to help. But I think the shorter days, the fact we have had a lot of rain (not much sun!) and there has been so much going on, has me out of sorts.

It’s time to “Fall Back” time-wise so don’t forget!


4 thoughts on “Fall Back!”

  1. I hate changing the clocks. Falling back isn’t as much of an issue as springing forward. But time shifts upset my internal clock.

    And this time of year is so gloomy …

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