When It’s -8 Fahrenheit

It is cold. -8 Fahrenheit! I poked my nose out from under my comforter and groaned. Sub-zero weather has never been a favorite of mine.

I sat up and yawned and immediately wanted to dive back under the covers. Mr. Arnie had commando crawled under the covers, and Miss Anneliese was under my robe at the foot of the bed. Not a day fit for man or beast!

I grabbed my robe, my to the dismay of Anneliese, and padded out to the kitchen to turn on the coffee, meeting up with a happy Lili. You know, I have never owned a dog quite like Lili. Every morning she greets me with an abundance of happiness and joy, as she dances around the kitchen! I swear I can see her smile.

The dackels and I show a lot less enthusiasm, as we would much rather be in bed. Yes, in my previous life I think I was a dackel.

Due to the extremely cold weather, I think I will stay in and work to finish an afghan I’ve been making. I have only the border left to do.

I got some great news yesterday. My cousin and his wife are due for their first child in August! I am so very happy for them both!


Happy Weekend!

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