The Pandemic

I’ve spent the past week stressing. Finally today I am able to sit back and rest. I do not need to “get” anything to keep my house in order for the next month.

I admit it though, I am weary. Running here and there, up and downstairs, and making lists and checking them, is craziness. I’ve never been in a situation quite like this. I am tired.

Now the 1918-1919 Flu that came through Boston and killed so many there and worldwide always did register with me. My grandfather’s sister was expecting her first baby and the Flu took them both. Katchen was a much-loved sister to Papa and best friend to my grandmother. They both spoke of this as a great tragedy and with much sadness.

And here we are 2020 with this Worldwide Pandemic.

WW (Weight Watchers) have closed down their Classes. They are offering a class on their website once a week. But we’ve been told to weigh in at home and they will open classes once they feel positive that they can do it safely.

I really need to chill out. I need to stop obsessing about this so I can move forward and be productive in the home. I would love to clean closets and go through rooms and de-clutter, but I feel oddly frozen in my seat.

I guess the good news is my new laptop arrives tomorrow and I will be busy setting that up.

For now, Gentle Readers, wash your hands, stay safe and we will get through this.

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4 thoughts on “The Pandemic”

  1. Common sense will go a long way to combat the spread of Covid 19. Hand washing, don’t touch your face, social distance historically have helped moderate the spread of other diseases and will work now. Please try to remain postitve. Love you

  2. I hope the distraction of the new toy helps you. I’ve never tuned out from media before, but I did today. I just could not take any more.

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