Quiet Days

Today is a quiet day. No one is stopping by, (that I know of) and I don’t have to go anywhere. This is a good thing. I’m one of those people who needs lots and lots of quiet time. The year I lived in a city I just about died. I simply cannot take that much hustle and bustle. With city living there is always something going on, or someplace to go. One feels guilty for sitting at home, drinking a cup of tea and watching the stars.
In the country, when you mention, “oh yeah, I’m staying home today and having a quiet day”, people nod with a knowing look and think that their quiet day is coming tomorrow.
What do us country folk do on our regular days?
Well, besides work, there is hiking, and swimming or boating and fishing in the summer. In the winter, skiing, snowman making, sledding and snow shoeing.
But, even in the winter we have quiet days, where you sit in front of a warm fire and sip cocoa.
Yeah, my favorite type of day is a quiet day.

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