This & That ~ April 28

Monday dawned rainy and cold. Thank goodness it was not snowing! Our trees all have buds on them and heavy snow would kill the fruit to come.

I watched “Homeland’s” series end episode and all I will say is wow! Once again, the writing and the acting was amazing! Still, it is very sad, because now the show is over and I can only visit the characters in reruns.

To occupy myself today I whipped out a bunch of vegetables and the hamburger and Italian sausage and made Jack a wonderful rich Spaghetti sauce.

I do this by making a really big batch, and then freezing a container for another meal.

49826298268_4c189e5335_3k copy

Naturally, there is laundry to do and dogs to feed and walk, and people to catch up with. So far, we’ve been lucky and our friends and family have remained well.

I downloaded the book “The Descendants” onto my tablet and I think I will read that again. It’s an easy read and I love the lessons learned in the story.

Anneliese is doing so much better.

Anneliese copy

They switched her to Bactrim Chewable antibiotics and this seems to have taken control of the infection. She is once again bouncing around like a puppy!

Aside from all that, life is quiet and calm and there really is not much happening. I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy!

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