The Power of Suggestion

I had a bunch of urgent errands to do on Monday. What this meant was, that I got up, put on some easily washable clothes, and prepared to go out and face the world.

With mask and gloves, I went to get the mail, and also to the grocery store. I just needed to get fresh vegetables and a few other little things. Then it was off to the eye doctor.

I had the lens removed today from my injured eye. It did not feel great, but it was not nearly as bad as it had been when I first went to him last week.

I was sent home with gooey ointment and will to see him in 10 days for a recheck.

On my way home I was thinking of the wonderful shower I would be taking upon arrival.


I don’t know about any of you, but when I have been out in this germy world, I come home and immediately strip down, run through the house and take a shower.

As I thought about this I began to think about my face. Ever since Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx told everyone to wash their hands and not to touch their face, suddenly that is all my hands want to do!


I’ve never been a big make-up wearer, and so the hand to face thing was never a problem for me until the good doctors told me NOT to touch it! Now all my hands want to do it itch or brush aside something on my face. It all means touching my face!

As I drove I thought about the things I love to feel on my face. I love to feel Dove soap, as it slips around and washes my face. I love the smell and the softness of it.

I love to feel the saltiness of the Ocean and taste it on my lips. Both are so calming.

But nothing ever made me want to constantly touch my face until now. I know, it’s the power of suggestion!

So, for now, I need to stop thinking about my eye and my face and all that other crap and focus on something else. Did I mention I just downloaded the Prequel to the Homeland Series?Homeland: Carrie’s Run: A Homeland Novel (Homeland Novels Book 1)” and “Homeland: Saul’s Game: A Homeland Novel (Homeland Novels Book 2)”.

Now that my eye is on the mend I can get back to reading!


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