French Fries and Cheesecake

Last night I was feeling tired. I didn’t want to cook dinner, but I knew we needed to eat. Being in the country means that there is no quickie take out to be had. If you want to eat, you either cook it yourself or starve.
So I went out to the kitchen and stared into the freezer. I was hoping to find something wonderful, like a meal or two whipped up by a world famous chef! No go. Just a couple of boxes of frozen clam strips, purchased, well, I can’t even remember.
So I tossed some frozen french fries on a cookie sheet and the clam strips on another and got them ready to cook. Fifteen minutes later I placed the cooked food onto two plates and put them in front of Hubby and me. Yuck! The clam strips were terrible. I mean, these suckers were really awful! I couldn’t eat them. But the fries were great. So, I ate those. The first fries I have had in a year. (swear to God! I’ve been on South Beach a year now and I haven’t had any fries)
Hubby, kindly did not mention that the dinner was total crap. I knew there was a reason I married him. Actually I think he realized that I was, truly not feeling well, to actually consider eating all of those carbs!
To reward him, I reminded him that there was still some cheesecake and strawberries left over from the other day. After he choked down his meal, and he did, poor thing, I gave him a nice big slice with oodles of strawberries! He all but inhaled this.
At breakfast this morning, he looked over at me and probably noted the pasty white skin and black smudges under my eyes, said, “Um, if it’s okay, could we maybe do something easy for dinner tonight like Tacos?” Tacos it is!
I do love this man.

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  1. Clam strips are good if they are fresh. Not a year old! Tacos are easy? I think they are alot of work, but they sure do sound good!

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