The Weekend Wrap …. June 22nd

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I sometimes wonder when/if we will get back to normal life? It’s an odd time for us all right now. If/when we go out, we wear masks, some of us wear gloves. I cannot even recall when the last time I went out to eat was. I suspect it was probably sometime well before Christmas, as I was sick most of November and December.

Right now, I have no desire to go out to any restaurant, although I must tell you when my daughter ordered take-out for me and I got some wonderful Haddock and a salad I didn’t actually have to make, it felt incredibly good!

I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but there is one big problem! It’s Summer-time and the Summer Residents/Tourists have arrived back in my little town. People from all over our country and some from other countries as well.

My grandmother’s voice rings in my ear, “Don’t touch that kid, you don’t know where that kid has been!” Her words could not be more appropriate at this time.

I even had a Covid-19 dream. I dreamt that my eye pressures were down to 6 and I leaped up and went to hug the technician and she recoiled and yelled “Covid” at me. You see, I cannot escape it, it’s even there in my dreams!

I’ve been watching old movies where people are actually holding each other and (gasp!) kissing! But then yesterday we watched Soccer and The Belmont Stakes, Horse Race and although these were live events, there were no spectators. That was so strange.

We are in day 4 of a heat-wave and even the dogs don’t want to go out. My birds have been hitting the suet pretty hard. This leads me to believe that the fatty suet may be a nice soft liquid in the tiny throats.

And lastly, Today is my cousin Janet’s Birthday. I suspect there would be no me if there had not been a Janet. She is a year and a half older, and I’ve always suspected my mother had an “I want another baby moment” after holding Janet.

We grew up, closer than close, and in some ways, she was more like a sister than a cousin. We may not see each other that much as we live far apart, but in our hearts, we are and will always be there for each other.

So Happy Birthday to my dearest and much-loved cousin!

Feb 13 11 033Janet and me at the Ice Fishing Derby.

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