Never Wordless

A few bloggers I know do a Wordless Wednesday Meme each week. I knew that this wasn’t one for me. Since the day I was born I haven’t been wordless. In fact, my parents considered naming me Chatty Kathy.

All through my childhood, I was one of those kids who just talked. I drove my sister crazy. We would be lying in bed at night and I would start talking and asking her questions and I would go on and on and on. She would kindly tell me, “Good Night”, and I’d reply, “Good Night”, only to go right back to chatting all over again.

As the years passed I moved in with my Grandparents. I would sit and talk to my Grandmother for hours. I would tell her about school, about my day, and go on and on.

She once told me, after I had married and left home, that the worst part of my moving out was the silence. The one and only time anyone has said this to me.

A few years ago a friend of Jack’s’ was driving me across Florida to meet Jack at another airport. We were driving along and I was doing my usual chatting, hardly taking a breath. Finally, he interrupted me and said, “I bet you can’t shut up for 10 minutes”.

Ten minutes? Not a problem. We started the clock. One second, two seconds, three seconds…It was the longest ten minutes of my life! I did, however, make it, although I felt slightly queasy afterward. My reward? A dinner of fresh Blue Crabs at the Crab House!

I don’t think I talk as much as I once did. At least I try not to. In my “Golden Years” I have learned that it is best to listen, more than to talk.

Although sometimes if I am nervous or self-conscious, my motor mouth starts and I admit to being upset afterward that perhaps I’ve said the wrong thing.

Still, there is a lot of beauty in words, and I can appreciate that. I just need to remember to keep my mouth closed and my ears wide open!

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Monday, Monday…

My Monday was stressful! What else can I say? Nothing was as I had thought it would be, but somehow, somehow I got through the day. But it’s a good thing I have naturally low blood pressure because much of the day found me feeling pretty frustrated.


So in order not to get lost in the minutia, I will simply bullet list my days’ events!

  • Jack and I had spoken and decided to bring Arnie in on Monday to our Vet. This skin problem is something we are both very concerned about and we wanted to be sure he knew about the latest events and saw it in person.
  • I happen to notice that both Arnie and Anneliese were due for their yearly shots. So when I made the appointment for Arnie to be seen, we planned to give both dogs their vaccines.
  • But as I drove out to the Vet’s Office I was thinking about Anneliese and all her fussing. I started to wonder if she had another UTI.
  • Upon my arrival at their office, I called them and explained my hunch. They brought out a small bowl and we walked Anneliese until the magic moment.
  • Arnie went in first, was checked out, and brought back after his shots.
  • Next Anneliese went in, had her exam and shots, and then she was returned to the car.
  • The Vet came out and we spoke about Arnie and the plan of attack for his recovery. A spray was included to help with the healing.
  • Then the subject came to my little girl. Yes indeed, she does have another UTI!
  • She was prescribed another antibiotic and then we were off.
  • At about this time, heavy snow began to fall! It was incredibly pretty, but fairly quickly, the roads became slick. Thankfully, by the time I reached our hometown, the snow had stopped and all was good.
  • I dropped them off at home and then went and did our grocery shopping. I stopped to get the mail, as I knew that Anneliese’s pain medication was there. But once again the US Postal Service let me down.
  • It actually arrived here on December 26th at 12:01 PM. Of course, that was too late to be delivered to be on a Saturday. But surely today, Monday, the package would be there! Ah no. Not sorted.
  • I told the Postal Worker I would be coming back. This package was very important to my pups!
  • Once I unloaded the groceries, had a quick lunch, I returned to the Post Office with my Tracking number. The Worker was not thrilled about finding this box, but I wasn’t leaving without it!
  • Let’s just say that I am one very determined woman, especially where my pups are concerned.
  • The box was found and I was able to give them their medication with their dinner!
  • I also had a weird thing happen with Lili. She’d gone out and was in the yard for a bit, and I called her to come in. She looked almost skittish like something had scared her. I went out and called to her again and she finally came in.
  • Dinner was made and cleaned up and it’s finally 8:15 on Monday night and I am able to sit down! Going to bed will be next and very soon!

Yes, it was a very long day!


It’s All In A Days Work

Tuesday found me excelling at my house-work. Almost as soon as I got up I was using our roof rake to take off some of the snow that was up there.

I will say this, I’ve never done roof raking before, and after three separate times outside doing this, parts of my body began to object.

So, I decided to come in and make the Seafood Lasagna, which I will cook for Jack’s Christmas Dinner.

Now I will say that I used just about every pot in my kitchen in the preparation of this lasagna! No kidding, I filled the dishwasher when I was done!

That took me two hours to do, and once this was done, I started the laundry, went to the Post Office, and then came home and had to figure out what to make for dinner. Using the leftover lasagna pasta, I made a small Italian Lasagna.

I finally finished with dinner dishes, walked the dogs, and now I am just waiting to put the last laundry load into the dryer. Then I will be done for the day.

I am quite happy with all that I got done, But I am sure in the morning, when this old body gets out of bed, I will be one hurtin’ pup!


I Did It! Thanks Brad!!!

I must tell you after a few days of trying to get my computer to talk to my wireless printer, I decided to see if my computer needed any driver updates. Of course, it did, and after downloading and installing four updates, my computer connected to the printer, and all is well!

I have one person to thank for all of this. The gentleman’s name is Brad. He taught me about computers every time he came to fix mine. He encouraged me to work on my machines myself. And to follow hunches that I had, because they were pretty accurate.

Brad believed in me when I did not believe in myself. He has been a real friend to me all of these years and I say Thank You to him on this day.

I still have one program I have not been able to download onto the laptop, but I know eventually I will. I am not giving up!

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What Could Have Been…

Last night I had written a post about my computer woes and how I have learned to fix them over time. Ah, the words flowed from my fingers onto the keyboard, as I composed sheer poetry! Never have I explained a situation with mere words in such an expressive manner.

I knew I would surely win the Pulitzer Prize for Blogging, so I asked Jack who is an English Language/Grammer enthusiast, to go over this masterpiece and correct it for me, before I posted it, and likewise to send a copy to Columbia University for Pulitzer consideration.

I went into the kitchen to start dinner and he sat down with a glass of wine to begin the task at hand.

Then I heard it! Those fateful words. “The post has disappeared!” I ran to the computer, took it from his hands, and I looked. Gone! Gone! All my hopes of International fame and fortune! Gone!

Jack apologized over and over, but I knew in my heart that life would never be the same.

When I die now, my obituary will read…” and she would have won a Pulitzer Prize for Blogging, but her husband accidentally deleted the post”.

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Coffee, Peaches, & Beauty!

Yesterday I woke up and made the coffee, and as I went to prepare my cup I noted I was out of Splenda Sweetener. That’s okay, I thought, because I had just purchased a box of Splenda packets to carry in my purse.

So, I got that out, added it to the coffee, and took a wonderful sip. Oh, yuck! It tasted like cardboard!

Thinking I may have added too much, I poured a second cup and then tried it.  Yuck!

Then it hit me. The lack of taste! Oh my God! I’ve got the Covid!

I ran to the fridge, grabbed a peach, and bit into that. Sweet, delicious, yummy, and with taste! Oh, thank the Lord! No Covid here!

I went back to the grocery store and brought the box. I explained the situation, and they refunded my money, while I picked up fresh, loose, store brand, Sucralose. Happily, I drove home and made fresh coffee and had a cup.

This morning all is well. The coffee was good and the temperature outside is actually warm. The sun was rising and I snapped this picture looking across our Lake.

20200927_071056It’s a wee bit cloudy and we are all praying for rain as we are in a drought right now. We need rain. A lot of rain!

Happy Sunday everyone!

What a Weird Tuesday I Had!

Tuesday found me going to see my Dermatologist at the VA. I also had to have blood drawn. The tests required that I not eat anything or drink anything until after the test. All I can say about this test is that it is cruel and unusual treatment!

The blood tests were first, and the nicest thing happened! The technician and I were talking and she asked me how old I was. I told her 62 (as I am very close to this age now) and she was startled! You do not look sixty-two! She exclaimed!

After that, I headed up to Dermatology. I was speaking with the Nurse first, and Brian was amazed at how wonderful I looked. He asked us if we wanted our Flu shots? Why yes, yes we did! So he went off and got two doses. One for Jack and one for me.

No More Growth

My dermatologist was also amazed at the new svelte me. It’s fun to see people’s reactions.

I had two small lesions that were burnt off. Nothing terrible and then before we knew it, we were on our way home.

Now here is where it gets weird.

As we drove along the Highway, we saw State Police everywhere. Then I noticed that they were no longer allowing new cars onto the Highway. At one point it was our lone car and a couple of dozen State Police vehicles. The center lane pull-offs were blocked with heavy State Trucks.

I asked Jack if something might have happened? Another terrorist attack? But we turned on the radio and found out that Vice President Pence was flying in for a rally and this measure was taken to stop the terrorists that have been plaguing our country.

That said, it felt very odd and this is something I hope and pray I never have to get used to.


When Covid-19 Comes to Call

It’s amazing to me that some people don’t believe that Covid-19 is real. Unfortunately, it is.


Another friend (in a faraway State) called today to tell me that she has Covid-19. They are awaiting the results for her husband and two children.

A good friend in Florida also had Covid-19 and he was very ill. So much so, that he spent time in the Intensive Care Unit.

People say I am crazy to be so compulsive about wearing a facial mask, not going to indoor restaurants, and avoiding all places I do not need to be.

I don’t want to get sick. I hate being sick! Last November when I had the Flu I was so ill I thought I would die. It was a combination of having a really bad case of Flu and the fact that it dragged on and on. I am also a bit of a Drama Queen, so give me a temperature of 102.6 for a few days, a cough that sounded like I was hacking up a lung, and my inability to breathe, and I’m convinced I had an early case of Covid-19.

Everyone says no, but I know how sick I was and nothing will convince me otherwise. See? Drama Queen.

I get my flu shot on Friday and then I hope and pray for the best. I just hate to even consider being that sick again!

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Wow! Busy!

Tuesday was my big day to grocery shop. I got up early, made coffee and breakfast, and was out the door by 7:45.

It was a lovely day, so I drove the back roads to Plymouth, New Hampshire to go to Market Basket. Which, in my opinion, is the best grocery store in our area.

I arrived just after 8:00 and started my shopping. The shelves were fully stocked, and there were nearly no other shoppers in there with me! How wonderful!

I got to the Deli and got the deli-meats that Jack wanted, did all the isles, and then hit the frozen food and produce sections. I was in line to check out at 9:20 and back in Meredith by 10 AM!

I picked up the mail and then drove home. The next part of my day was just starting as I sorted through all the groceries placing some in the deep freeze, some cans on the shelves, and the rest up the cellar stairs and into the kitchen. I was done with that part by 11:15, and then I was onto making a salad for lunch.

Just as I was set to sit down and eat, Jack announced his hunger so I quickly fixed his lunch before sitting down to enjoy my own. And enjoy I did!

The rest of my day was spent doing laundry and cooking dinner before finally being done at 7:45 PM. What a long day. But, all in all, a good day too!


And The Survey Says…

I picked up the latest copy of a magazine that I really enjoy. In fact, I used to subscribe to it because I liked the news and recipes and fashion. As a subscriber, I got a reduced price and a few bonuses along the way.


Anyway, I picked up the latest issue and started to turn page after page after page. There were many nice recipes, new fashions, and of course advertisements. Then I hit page 52 and my world was shattered. The column was about what to eat in your 20s, 30s, & 40s. (No mention of your 50s, 60, 70s, etc)


In your twenties, you should be eating eggs, vegetables, chicken, coconut water, Greek yogurt, and quinoa. In your thirties, you should be eating oatmeal, nuts, tuna, edamame, avocado, and lentils. In your forties, you should be eating ginger, cherries, salmon, kale, extra virgin olive oil, and green tea.


But I’m in my sixties! What am I supposed to be eating? Or is it that after you turn fifty it’s all over anyway, so you might as well give up!

I thought about this for a while and actually started to feel bad, then my phone rang and it was a man doing a survey for our local electric company. Now I love my electric company, they do a good job, (the rates are bad, but heck they are bad everywhere!) and they’re very friendly when I need them. So I answered his survey. At the very end, he asked how old I was. Now, what on earth does my age have to do with the electrical current?

You know, my age never bothered me until I read the article, but today I was actually feeling old. I told him how old I was and why I was feeling bad about it. He laughed and then said, “It’s okay, that’s young! I’m 68!”

After that, I felt better and went about my day.

At least Weight Watchers has helped to give me guidelines to follow about the foods to eat to make you healthy.

But between the magazine and the electric company survey, I sort of felt tremendously over the hill!

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