Wednesday Hodgepodge


1. Using what’s in your frig right now what sort of meal would you be able to make for guests who are knocking at the front door this very minute?

Zucchini, summer squash, sweet onion, green pepper and basil stir fry, with chicken.

2. What is something about yourself that you hope will change but that probably never will?

My being worried all the time. I worry about everything, all of the time. Oh, how I would love to worry, just a little bit less!

3. What’s something about yourself that you hope will never change?

The fact that I love. Many people never feel love in their hearts, but I have and do. I would never want that to change.

4. Do you usually send serious or funny greeting cards? Why?

It depends. There have been occasions when I felt people needed a laugh, so I have sent funny cards. Then I fins a serious card that says just what I feel and I will buy that and send that off. So the answer is…both!

5. Bird watching, shell gathering, or star gazing- your choice for whiling away the hours?

Probably bird watching. When the Owls were on the Internet with their babies, I was literally glued to the screen. At the beach, I loved watching those silly sea gulls!

6. Do you double or triple check things? If so, what?

I double check everything. Locked doors, the gas on the stove, etc. Why do I do this> Because I am a worrier, remember?

7. What’s your favorite place for people watching?

Airports. I know that sounds funny, but since I do not like crowds, I tend not to get into them very often. You cannot avoid them in airports and since I am always “worried” in airports about my flight, I find I cannot concentrate on reading. So, I people watch. It’s amazing what you can see.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’m off with Mandy today. We’re going to hit the end of summer sales! We both love to shop and we’re going to the larger Mall, which means good exercise! I may also bring a cooler, and stop at Trader Joes!

It’s A Date!

Saturday found us going out to the movies for a date! With all the Oscar buzz about the movie “The King’s Speech” around, Hubby and I decided to go to see that, as they were playing it locally! We arrived a good 10 minutes before the film was set to start, which is usually filled with previews for upcoming movies, but the line was so long, I started to worry about actually getting in before the movie started.

Kings speech

We got our seats with just moments to spare, and the movie started right up. I knew the movie would be good, but I never expected it to be GREAT!

From the first moment until the closing credits, I was glued to the screen. The three major characters, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) and Lionel Logue, played respectfully by, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush, were so believable, and brought me immediately into their story.

In fact, when we left the theater, we had more questions about that time in history, and immediately started doing research when we got home.

So if you’re looking to catch up on a movie and want a recommendation, “The King’s Speech” gets my vote as, perhaps, the best movie of the year. I will also go one further and say that Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter all deserve Oscars!


Friday found two important things happening here. First, the washing machine was fixed. However, when I got the bill, I just about passed out. We’d been quoted one price and the final bill was considerably higher! For what he charged us to repair the machine, we could “easily” have gone out and purchased a new one. I was not at all happy, but bit my lip and told myself that I won’t call this man again, nor will I repair the machine if anything else goes wrong!

After we’d been taken advantage of with the washer, I really didn’t feel like spending any more money. I was kind of just stewing about the outlay of funds, when Hubby started talking about my sewing machine. I told him I found that actually these were quite reasonably priced, and that it was time to send my 30 year old Singer to the recycling center.

Hubby decided to drag me out to buy a new machine. We had done a little looking on line, and got an idea of what was out there, and what had done well with Consumer Reports. In fact it was a best buy and considered a reliable machine.

brothers sewing machine

Now I was nervous when we got her home and I set her up on the table. First I wound the bobbin, and put it into the bobbin slot. Then I walked away. Why did I do that? Frankly, sewing machines freak me out and I needed the time to calm myself.

After an hour, I went over and sat down and threaded the machine. Now here is the totally cool part…the machine is self threading!!! This is so great for someone like me whose vision is quite limited. After I did this, I turned the machine off for the night and went to calm my nerves once again.

Sunday morning, after Hubby and Fritz went out to hike, I sat down at the table and sewed. I made two dogs toys, and then took an old linen dish towel and made rows of practice stitches. You see, this machine comes with 50 pre-programmed stitches! Wow!

Oct 30 005

Oct 30 007

I’m excited about the machine and even see myself attempting something wild like a curtain or two! What a joy. I always believed I couldn’t sew, now I realize it was the blasted machine!

Oh I am a happy girl!


Despite pretty horrible weather conditions, Hubby and I braved the elements, and drove the 45 minute drive to go and meet the World’s Smallest Horse…Einstein!!!

We had heard of this little guy right after he was born on our local news. Born April 22nd. He was far smaller than most miniature horses are when they are born. Overnight, this adorable little guy became a celebrity!

The diminutive horse born in New Hampshire could lay claim to the world record for lightweight foal. The pinto stallion named Einstein weighed just 6 pounds and measured 14 inches in height when he was born. Yes, gentle readers, he is a real horse!

We arrived fairly early and actually got a decent parking place. This was important because it was raining fairly hard. Thankfully, I had my raincoat and two sturdy umbrellas! We found we were nearly at the end of the line at 10 AM!

May 08 10 059

Fortunately we were in line with some very nice people, and when I look back I can actually say, despite the rain, everyone was in a good mood and we all got along nicely!

As the time went by, we watched the owners take kids for horse rides up and down the street. No one seemed to even notice that the rain was coming down. It was definitely a festive atmosphere!

May 08 10 067

There were other miniature horses in pens. These horses were so friendly and I can confess to actually kissing one in the nose. They are that precious!

May 08 10 052

May 08 10 050

These horses truly were kid magnets, and every time I turned around I found kids running over to pat them.

May 08 10 049

Even this woman couldn’t resist going over to look at the small horses. As you can see, the weather really was amazingly bad!

May 08 10 060

Soon we turned the corner and saw the sign on the Barn. “Tis A Miniature Horse Farm”. Oh, my heart started to beat quickly as the anticipation of meeting Einstein hit home!

May 08 10 001

While we waited, I was running all around taking pictures. I went into the tent where they had other mini horses and I met this Mare who was due to foal any day. I touched her side and could feel her baby kick! It was amazing!!!

May 08 10 012

And then….we were there, inside the barn and we started down the row to see the babies in the barn with Einstein. This was particularly helpful because the night before a foal had been born and this gave us an idea of what a normal miniature foal should look like. Below is the newborn foal.

May 08 10 075

In the next stall…. Einstein! I stood on a box and took this picture. A handsome, tiny, sweet boy! Einstein with his Mommy!

May 08 10 029

The gentleman standing by asked everyone not to use a flash and I said, “Oh, of course. He’s just a baby and the flash would hurt his eyes”. He chuckled and said I was the first one to understand that today! Then he asked for my camera, and took this next picture!

May 08 10 031

“There’s your picture!” he said, and I leaned over and kissed his cheek and thanked him!

We also met Einstein’s Daddy, who is an award winning Stallion. He was not phased by all the attention.

May 08 10 040

Then it was time for us to leave, two soaked, cold, horse lovers, who had thoroughly enjoyed their morning and never felt the wet or cold until after we got in to the car to come home.

You can learn more about him and see pictures of him at Einsteins homepage, that can be found HERE.

Fun Monday

Fun Monday

My friend Gattina, host this each week.

This Monday’s question is, what do you drink in the morning, coffee, milk, tea, or something else ? and in what do you drink ? A cup or a mug or a bowl ? Please show us a picture !

I drink coffee all of the time. Unless i am sick, of course and then it is tea. Always in one of these mugs, however, because I like a good full mug of “hot something” to start my day!

Here is mine. I drink from one of four mugs. Two are from Cape Cod where I was born and grew up. The other two are from towns I lived in when my children were small and when Hubby and I were first married.

April 22 10 001

Nobska is the lighthouse in Falmouth, Falmouth is the town I grew up in on Cape Cod.

Wilton and Milford are in New Hampshire and are places I lived, raised my kids and met Hubby.