Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Describe your 30’s in one sentence. If you’re not yet 30 tell us one thing you hope to accomplish once you hit that particular decade.

It was a decade of learning, living and trying to find balance, as I traveled the world and saw places I’d only dreamed about.


Me standing on top of the Wall in Berlin, Germany, shortly after it “came down” and Germany was reunified.

2. Is it harder for you to exercise or eat healthy?

Both. It always has been, but last week I returned to Weight Watchers and I actually love their new plan. I’m eating well, feeling satisfied, and starting to move better as well.

3. June 7th is National VCR Day. Huh? Anyway this reminded me of something I saw on Facebook listing household items we no longer have and the VCR was on it. I couldn’t put my hands on that list, but found another list here of 21 items we all had ten years ago, but which are now obsolete-

Still have my VCR, Joyce. I am so retro! LOL!

bookshelves (WHAT!!???)
drip coffee makers,
Yes. And used every single day.
alarm clocks,
file cabinets,
desktop computers,
printed phone books,
answering machines,
fax machines,
paper shredders,
a Rolodex,
CD racks,
CD burners,
china cabinets,
home phones,
entertainment consoles,
Sort of.
DVD players,
takeout menus,
incandescent light bulbs,
and cable TV


Your thoughts? How many on the list do you still have? Still, use?

I still have almost all of them, (see list above) and I still use them all.

4. What’s something you see disappearing in the next ten years?

Oh, I am not sure. I do know that my husband’s much love, 15+-year-old flip-phone will become obsolete as Verizon will no longer support the signal, as of January 1, 2019. He is not thrilled, even though I have gotten my old Galaxy S5 cleaned up and programmed just for him. He hates change of any kind though.

5. How did you celebrate your birthday this past year? Is that typical?

It was a very nice, quiet family dinner. That’s usually how we do it. Nothing big, but my daughter made a great meal and cake!


Quinn feeding Oma (me) my cake!

Later this year, (November) is my 60th Birthday and I hope there will be some sort of special celebration!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I saw the sun briefly on Tuesday morning before the clouds returned and also some rain. I’m hoping it clears up before later on this afternoon. I must drive over the mountain here, for my test, and would really enjoy the drive more if it was sunny.


Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The last place you visited/patronized where you felt like you were given ‘the royal treatment’?

On Jack’s 80th Birthday we went to a new to us place called “The Bob House”. We’d heard the food was good and thought we would give it a try. I mentioned to the waitress that it was Jack’s 80th Birthday. Well, after that she talked with us a lot, made sure our food came in waves, so we could enjoy each course. It was terrific!

2. The last task you completed that was a ‘royal pain’?

Let’s see, sort of gross, but cleaning up the kitchen floor after one of the dackels threw up! It was at the end of my day. I’d gotten the dishes done and I was just about to sit down to watch the TV when I heard the tell-tale sound of the dog throwing up! Ugh!

3. How have your strengths helped you succeed? How have your faults hindered you?

Probably my greatest strength is not stopping and giving up. I may not like it, or enjoy doing something (see the above answer to question #2) but once I know I have to do something I will see it through.

How have my faults hindered me? Well, my biggest fault is procrastination. So if there is something I need to do that is not an emergency, and I can ignore it (see my office) then I will put it off!

4. If you found a remote that could rewind, fast forward, stop and start time, what would you do with it?

I might be tempted to rewind. But then, realistically, would I be able to go back in time, knowing what I know? Could I “change” events? No, I think I would place the remote in a very special place. Then when I was a very old woman, I might take day trips back to special days in my life for mini visits. Life is meant to be lived in the present!

5. Any special plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

It’s Savannah’s Birthday Party weekend. So we will be going down to visit the kids and share in Savi’s happy day. Six years old!

Will you in some way honor or recognize the meaning of this day (remembering people who died in service to their country)?

We have a flag pole in our front yard. We will fly our flag and remember. Many of Jack’s Army friends have died. We pray for them and honor them.

Have you ever been to Arlington National Cemetery?

Yes. It was where Jack hoped to be buried until they changed the rules for burial. Now he will be buried in the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetary.

Does your town do anything special to mark the day?

Yes, they have a parade and prayers.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I have so many little housekeeping things to do today and no desire to do them. Except, I have to. Laundry needs to get done, I need to mix the regular and decaffeinated coffee beans, I’m cooking a small Prime Rib, and I need to dust. Now the dusting may get put off until Thursday, but everything else must be done today!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What would you say is your biggest day to day challenge?

Thinking up new and exciting recipes so we are not always eating the same meals over and over again.

2. May 16th is National Biographers Day. What’s a biography you really enjoyed reading? Is this a genre you read regularly?

I have always enjoyed biographies about different people. The last I read was about Princess Diana. A whole slew of them came out on the 20th anniversary of her death. Lovely lady and I feel badly she is not here to witness her sons, their wives, and her grandchildren.

3. How important is keeping a clean house? Do you need to de-clutter your life?

I wish I knew someone who was good at decluttering because I would hire them on the spot. I really need to do that this year. Go through the house and declutter!

4. You’re the 8th dwarf. What’s your name?

Cookie! I love to cook and bake and so I think they would nickname me that. At least I’d like them to!

5. What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

Life is not what I expected at all. I believed that if you were a good person, led a good life, and didn’t go looking for trouble, you would be fine. You know, safe. It doesn’ work like that. Life is like the John Lennon Song, “Beautiful Boy”.  There is a phrase “Before you cross the treet, take my hand, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. And such has been my life. Full of moments that I never expected or planned. Both good and bad and Amazing!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

A Tornado touched down in my sister’s town. My sister’s driveway is full of snapped off trees. I am so grateful that both she and her husband are fine, and that their house was not touched!


There’s a driveway under all that.


Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What are your ingredients for a perfect Saturday?

Sunny, warm weather, either a trail to walk, or a beach to visit, or perhaps if the day is not great weather wise, watching old, much-loved movies! Saturdays tend to be my catch up day. I tend to really chill out on Sundays.

2. What skill do you wish more people took the time to learn?

I think the skill of manners. In this crazy world, I am amazed how many people lack manners and common courtesy.

3. What’s something you ate as a child you can’t stand now as an adult?

Trust me, there isn’t much. This is why I struggle with my weight. There are a few things I am not fond of. Kale is one of them.  The Easter treat called PEEPS. My sister loves them, but I am just not a fan. The others I can’t think of right now. But I know there are a few.

4. Something parenting has taught you? If you’re not a parent tell us one important lesson you learned from your own parents.

Oh, now there is a great question. It took me many years to learn. I think that it is so important to live in the moment with your children. Enjoy each and every day. Play with them, laugh with them, and make memories. Time goes by so quickly. My daughter recently went to Disney with Matt and their two children. They spent the time just being with their kids, playing with them, loving them and laughing with them. What a great thing! Those memories will last a lifetime.

5. Share a favorite quote or saying about mothers or motherhood.

This is not a quote or a saying, but rather a way to honor one of the best mother’s I know. Being a mother and watching my daughter in her life, and seeing what a wonderful mother she is, fills me with such joy. Mandy is a self-made woman. She forged her own path in life and is not only an amazing person but one of the best mothers I know.


Motherhood isn’t easy, but My daughter makes it look like it is. Happy Mother’s Day Sweetheart!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

This weekend is Savannah’s Dance Recital. I’ll be driving down to go to it. I try not to miss any of the children’s events. Watching them grow and learn new things and gain confidence is a very wonderful thing. Savannah is very secure up on the stage. It’s fun to watch her and she really loves her dancing.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. Is there a flower you associate with a particular memory? Explain.

Growing up on Clipper Lane, in Falmouth, my mother had a hedge along the fence of lilacs. I would crawl under the bushes and sit and inhale the scent of her lilacs! When I smell lilacs now, it brings me right back to my mother’s lilacs. I miss them, and I miss her too!

2. Last time you helped someone? Tell us how.

I was in the grocery store today and a very small, elderly woman was trying to get a can off one of the top shelves. She almost had it, but I could see it was going to fall right on her head, and I ran over and grabbed the can and steadied her. She was quite distressed and tried to apologize for bothering me, but I smiled and I told her that I was the tallest person in my family of “circus people” and I am used to getting things off of the top shelves! This made her laugh.

3. It’s National Salsa Month (the food, not the dance) so tell us, do you like salsa? Hot, medium, or mild? Homemade, store-bought, or from your favorite restaurant only?`

I do like salsa, sometimes! But mostly, I’m not a fan, unless there are nice warm tortilla chips! Then that is just fine.

4. When I was twelve years old…

I rode my bike everywhere, still went to parks to swing on swings, and went to the beach every day in the summer. I babysat for the very first time, for a baby boy, who was born prematurely. He was so tiny! But he was a really good baby.

5. It’s the first of May so let’s run with it-first things first, don’t know the first thing about it, first dibs on something, first impression, first rate, first cousin, first string, first come first served, at first light-which phrase can best be applied to something in your life currently or even recently?

First Rate. My weekend mini vacation on Cape Cod was First Rate! We went to three new restaurants, spent time watching the Ospreys and stayed in our favorite hotel, and had a First Rate room! All in all, it was a First Rate weekend!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I had to go to the dentist today to have some minor dental work done. It required Novocain and I could feel my heart race for a good 5 minutes. I guess I will need to mention this to my dentist before any further work. I wonder if there is a Novocain like medication, without the stuff that makes one’s heart race? The numb feeling lasted nearly 5 hours! Tonight my mouth is just a little sore, but nothing too bad!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. They say you learn something new every day. What did you learn yesterday?

That Dackel Princess Blog is slightly broken (comment section) and I am not swift enough to actually fix it! It looks like I will have to hire someone who understands code to go in and reinstall my comment section. This all stems back to 2016 when my blog was hacked by a porn site!

2. Have you ever had a now or never moment? Elaborate.

Yes, and it’s not easy. About 6 weeks ago I started a new way of eating. I will not call it a diet, but my cholesterol numbers are higher than is good for “a woman of my age” and this requires a change in how I eat. That is not easy for me, because I love to cook and love to eat and most of my specialties are not cholesterol friendly!

3. April 25th is National Telephone Day. Do you still have a landline or have you gone mobile only? When you receive a text message do you respond immediately? Last time you turned your phone off? In two or three sentences share with us a story/memory/incident from your childhood (or something current if that’s too hard) where the telephone is featured.

Yes, we do still have a landline. I think I probably always will. It’s not horribly expensive and the battery doesn’t die. I leave my cell phone in the other room at night. I do not want to be awakened by it going off for whatever reason. Now, a story about the phone from my childhood? Well, this is a good one and completely true.  My grandmother had a three-minute egg timer by her phone and a piece of paper. She would enter each long distance call on the paper and the time. Now Grandma never talked over 3 minutes to anyone back then. She told me once that if you couldn’t say what you needed to in 3 minutes, I should write a letter!

4. Close call, at someone’s beck and call, call the shots, call a meeting, call it quits, call in sick, call on the carpet, wake up call…which call have you ‘heard’ recently? Explain.

I tease my husband all the time that I am at his beck and call. There is no rest for the weary!

5. What subject do you wish you’d paid more attention to in school?

I think I wish I had paid more attention in my English class. I try very hard to write correctly, but I catch myself making sloppy mistakes. I also wish I had learned a language. French, Spanish, and Latin were offered, but I wish I had learned to speak German.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Today is another leftovers day! That’s a good thing because as much as I love to cook, I also enjoy a night off. Tonight’s the night!

Also, we had Ice Out on our small lake last night while we were eating dinner. Once again our lake is open, and alive for the Spring and Summer!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Three things on your spring bucket list? If you don’t have an actual list that’s fine, pretend you do.

I want to tackle our basement. It isn’t just a Spring project, but more like an All Summer project! I also want to go through my kitchen drawers and lighten the load, and actually today is clean my closet day!

2. Where do you find rest? What restores your soul? When was the last time you did whatever it was you answered here?

The Ocean calms me and restores my soul. I was down to Cape Cod last September. I will be going down in two weeks to spend a weekend and breath in the air and (hopefully the sunshine) and walk the beaches and feel the calm of the shore.


3. April is National Celery Month. Who knew? Do you like celery? What’s your favorite dish made with celery? On a veggie and dip platter which would you reach for first-carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes?

I like celery and I cook with it all the time, but I hate that it gets caught in my teeth! I LOVE carrots, so if given a choice, I would go for them on a veggie platter!

4. I read here eight things to do before 8 am to make your day less hectic-Start one load of laundry, drink water, empty the dishwasher, read your Bible, know what you’re having for dinner, get dressed, brain dump (two lists-one what you’re thankful for and one what’s weighing on your mind), and after the brain dump make your to-list for the day

How many of these are you currently doing? Which one do you think would help the most if you added it to your early morning routine?

I usually jump into my clothes, start the coffee, walk the dogs, toss in a load of laundry, and dinner was actually planned last night. (Ham)

5. Describe the view from your window.

It’s a foggy, rainy, morning, with three inches of slushy snow from yesterday’s storm on the ground. The trees are bare, and a few hungry, daredevil birds are braving the rain and keep flying by my window.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I really need to get a few things done around the house this morning. This means, shutting off the computer and putting some music on in my bedroom and just concentrating and doing it. I’ve been so busy lately that my closet has become a slight disaster. So…. after clearing up breakfast, I am off to my room to clean the closet! Ugh! (Mission accomplished!)

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. April is National Jazz Appreciation Month. Are you a fan? If so what’s a favorite you’d recommend to someone new to jazz listening?

I like old Jazz. Lambert, Hendricks and Ross are my favorite This is one of their songs from 1962. It makes me smile every time I hear it!

2. Mandolin, ukulele, harp, accordion or banjo…which would you be most interested in learning to play? Or do you already play one of the instruments listed?

I do not play one of these, but I did play a flute. If I had any chance of learning, I’d play the Ukulele. I’ve always liked the way that sounded.

3. Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Elaborate. You may answer in either/both the literal or figurative sense of the word.

No I don’t. You see, I’ve learned in life that people protect themselves by putting on a brave face. And the biggest scars, the most painful are usually hidden from the world.

4. According to a recent study the ten most nutritious foods are-almonds, cherimoya (supposed to taste like a cross between a pineapple/banana), ocean perch, flatfish (such as flounder and halibut), chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, swiss chard, pork fat (shocking! but I don’t think they mean bacon), beet greens, and red snapper. Are any of these foods a regular part of your diet? Any you’ve never ever tasted? Which would you be most inclined to add to your diet?

I eat almonds almost daily. I love them. I also love fish and try to eat it at least once a week, although Jack isn’t as big a fan as I am. Not tasted Cherimoya or Chia seeds, and not a fan of swiss chard or beet greens.

5. Besides a major holiday what is the most recent thing you’ve celebrated with your people? Tell us how.

Jack and I celebrated our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Many young couples will think, oh heck, what’s the big deal? It’s not a 50th! But when you are married to someone who is 20 years your senior, when you reach a milestone like this it was so very special. We celebrated quietly and privately with a nice meal out and a bottle of champagne.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Not too much else is happening here. On Saturday I go to Mandy’s home to watch the children. I am so excited about that and I plan a day of fun, playing, and silliness! Pictures to follow!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What’s a word that describes your life? A word you wish described your life?

My life is “FULL”. Full of good people, good things and full of happiness. I have known great sadness in the past, but I chose to turn my life around, and have it be full of great time, great loves, and much happiness! I got my wish!

2. Back in my day we___________________________________?

We somehow managed to be able to run all around the town, ride our bikes, go to the beach, and live, what they now refer to as a “free range childhood life”. It was fabulous. I played in the sand and dirt, I climbed trees and when I think back on my childhood in Falmouth, I think of freedom.


3. When it comes to takeout are you more likely to opt for Italian, Mexican, or Chinese food? Does a typical week at your house include takeout.

We somehow don’t do much take out. Perhaps a burger or a sub once in a while, but that’s about it.

4. Think about the people you most respect. What is it about them that earned your respect?

The people I respect the very most are the people who are always trying. Trying to improve themselves, trying to improve their life for themselves and their families. I also respect those who never give up, when life throws them tough times.

5. What’s something your friends might see and say is ‘so you’?

Oh goodness. I think most people would see an apron and say that! I love to cook and I love aprons!!!

July 04 056

6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Jack and have been walking now for nearly a month. We love getting out for the 30 minute walk with Arnie and Lili. And for every step we take, Lili takes 10. She just loves running through the fields and leaping about. My darling Arnie is happy to walk by my side and this walking is so good for him. On his last Vet visit we learned he has a heart murmur. Not uncommon in elderly dogs. So, I have been working on his diet and exercise to help him stay in good shape!

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. On this first official day of spring tell us something (besides the weather) you’re looking forward to in this season of the year.

More walks with Jack and the dogs, More times spent with my two grandchildren, and more sunshine!

2. When it comes to spring cleaning would you rather wash windows or wash baseboards? Clean out closets or clean out the garage? Dust ceiling fans or dust bookcases? Wipe down the patio furniture outside or wipe down the light fixtures inside? Any of these tasks recently completed?

I’d rather wash windows, and clean out closets. I do really not like dusting, but…I always do the patio furniture and actually today I did the light fixtures, which is crazy. I could not believe how dusty they were!

3. Your favorite thing to make/eat that calls for cream cheese? Sour cream? Whipped cream?

Cream cheese = cheese cake! Sour cream = dips. Whipped cream = Almost anything. Strawberry Shortcakes, a mug of hot chocolate, a dessert of any kind, or just a shot of whipped cream in my mouth for good measure!

4. I read here a list of commonly mispronounced words. What is a word that gives you trouble when it comes to pronunciation?

Acai. That gets me every time. In fact I’m not sure I’d get it unless I was looking at the actual sounding out of the word…ah-SIGH-ee

5. What’s a song you love with the word ‘rain’ in the title or lyrics?

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I’ve been walking now each day with Jack and Lili and Arnie. Despite the cold, we’ve been enjoying going out, seeing our neighbors and watching the dogs run and play. Yes, I am ready for Spring!