Love Is In The Air

I think it must be the call of the wild.

I have three spayed female dogs in my home. Two are former mothers, but have been spayed for several years. Lili, of course, we had done right off in October, with hopes it would help her to calm down. One still hopes.

But Mr. Arnie is acting very strangely. Not so much with Lili, but with Greta and Anneliese. It started yesterday. Arnie began following Greta and Anneliese around putting his snout on their backs in a pathetically loving way.

P3020004 (2)

Last night, while trying to go to sleep, he made his way around the bed, trying to snuggle with the two girls. I could hear them growl at him, in an attempt to get him to cut it out!

No, Arnie is not neutered. We have simply never had a problem with him that required us to neuter him.

But, this is worrying me a little. He is a bit on the thin side and well, I can only wonder how long his “loving” ways will continue.

Still, his cuddling them is cute, and as long as he doesn’t start to roam, I guess it’s OK. After all, it’s not like the girls will cooperate with him.

So, I can tell, Spring is in the air! Or at least Love!

TBT: Greta In The Rain

Back nearly 11 years ago, Miss Greta came from Germany to our family. She didn’t like the rain as a puppy, and I got her a little rain coat. Still Greta didn’t like to go out in the rain…alone. Eventually she did come around, and has learned to go out quickly and then come right back in. But this picture of Greta in her rain gear still brings a smile to my face.

Oct 16 001

Sweetness Comes In Many Forms

Hubby went off to buy some essentials the other day, and when he came back he had gotten squeaky  toys for the three dachshunds. They love them!

Arnie got some sort of raccoon animal that for about six hours went squeak, squeak, squeak! Greta got a big bow tie that although she liked it at first, she is mostly ignoring now, and Annaliese got a little red snowflake that also squeaks.

Sept. 15 004

As I mentioned, Arnie has already de-squeaked his toy, Greta became bored with hers and Anneliese…well, she cares for that toy like she would a puppy. She carries it around the house, never squeaks too hard, and if you ask her where her toy is, she will run about until she finds it, and then bring it to her bed, where she promptly lays down on it! How different these fury beasts are!

I was thinking about things that are creepy crawly this morning. A friend had written about the fact that down under in Australia, as they begin having their spring, snakes are starting to emerge from their winter hiding places.

Now I don’t mind spiders or bugs. A fly swatter or rag in my hand is simple death to any of those unlucky suckers that think they are going to make my house their home! I can even deal with moles who are ruining my lawn, by grabbing a shovel and…well…putting them out of their misery!

But snakes? Well, no. I do not do snakes. In fact poisonous or not, I am simply terrified of them. I’m not sure why, but when I see them I am frozen with fear, as I scream my lungs out!

Looking back, their was a time I worked on an apple farm and I was out in the orchard putting fertilizer around the trees. Hubby’s white German shepherd, Britta was playing around the trees while I worked.

Well this good size snake slithered across my work boot and I froze and started to scream! Britta came running, grabbed the snake, snapped it’s neck, killing it instantly, before laying it at my feet!

I swear she was smiling, as she wagged her tail! I patted her and told her what a good doggy she was.

Years later I found a snake in our yard here in the Lakes Region. It was Easter, and I came right in and got my camera and Greta, as she loves snakes.

Unfortunately the snake was camera shy, but that didn’t stop Greta!


On Friday morning while we sat drinking our coffee, Greta began shaking her head. It’s almost like a tremble, and I remember when she first did it I thought perhaps she was having a seizure.

April 24 11 005

After x-rays and exams, a few years ago, it was determined that she has a weird disc in her neck. I’ve seen it many times, but Hubby never had, until Friday.

I made sure he was able to watch her for a minute, and I could see the fear immediately come into his eyes.

I explained that what you need to do if this happens is carefully pick her up and put her gently down, and have her walk. Then the head shaking disappears.

He was pleasantly surprised to see the entire scenario. It’s sort of funny because Greta will be 10 years old in March, but Hubby has never seen her do this.

Of course she didn’t develop the weird neck disc until she was about 5 years old and slipped off the sofa.

But now he knows what it is, and what to do should it occur on his watch.

Hubby remarked that he believes that Greta knows what is happening and that she understands that I am making her well when I pick her up and get her walking. I would love to believe that this is the case.

There are times I would love it if I could have conversations with the dogs where they actually answer me back. How cool would that be!

Greta’s Bump

The other day, after the Fair, my cousin Dave noticed a big bump on Greta’s hip. Immediately I got panicked! Oh no, what was wrong with my poor baby?

When i touched it, she was obviously bothered and moved away. Now that be Greta being Greta, or perhaps it was something worse.

This week was so incredibly busy, that I allowed the days to pass without freaking out about it too much.

Today, when I sat down to relax and have my tea, I felt Greta’s hips. Both of them, and there was still a bump on her right side.

Oct 25 006

As far as I can tell, she probably got stung by something and now the bump is there.

I will see what is up after this weekend (Mom’s Memorial Service) and if it is still there on Monday I will take her in to see the Veterinarian.

Boy, I sure hope Greta is okay!

Greta Going On 10

I wonder when this happened?

Years ago, when I brought Greta home from Germany, she was a fiercely independent little dog, and pretty much her own pup. She liked us well enough, but did not snuggle with us and kept to herself.

Greta Baby

She’s always enjoyed running and chasing chipmunks, and being a wild beast!

Big little dog

I loved her, but I knew where I stood and somehow, over the years, I made my peace with it.

Then it happened. Out of the blue, really. One day I noticed that Greta was snuggling and cuddling with me all the time. She’d become my sweet little girl!

It’s as though, in her elder years (she is 9 and a half), she has become an entirely different dog!

Aug 16 004

She goes outside now, and lies under the fruit trees and sits. She doesn’t take off, and she is able to be trusted as she enjoys the days.

There is something to be said about dogs getting older and more mature.

Happy 9th Birthday Greta!

Can you believe it? Greta is turning 9 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that Hubby and I went to Germany and with Auntie Uschi’s help, found dear, little, baby, Greta, and brought her home!

She grew rapidly and shortly before she turned three, she met her boyfriend Bernd Vom Ahorn Wald AKA Bernie, and the following fall, they got married and had their first litter of pups.

In the montage you will see handsome Bernie, as well as a very pregnant Greta, and the puppies in the montage are from the litter that had Arnie and Anneliese. In fact, watch closely and the infant puppy with the blue collar is Arnie and the green collar is Anneliese!

Greta is a sturdy, self sufficient girl, and she doesn’t take any crap from the other dogs. Not that she fights or anything, she just has a splendid attitude!

She is loving and cuddly with both Hubby and I, and you will notice that she always is there for us when we are down and out.

So, Happy Birthday, dearest Greta! And may you have many, many, more!

More On Greta

Little Greta is still quite ill with Cystitis. I hated to leave her on Saturday to go to work, but what can I say, like every one of you, work called and I had to answer.

Thursday Thirteen, Greta

Greta was still in tough shape, so I did call the Vet who suggested some pain medication to help her out. Hubby wasn’t sure that it actually would help, but within half an hour of having it, she was far more comfortable.

I only had to work half a day, so when I got home I started to walk her every hour on the hour. I will feel so much better when she can go wee-wee and not be passing blood at the same time.

During this week when I worked I also discovered that no amount of exhaustion makes it worth eating frozen meals. I mean really…they all stunk! There was only one good one. Smart Ones Meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. That was it. The rest were just plain garbage!

So, for my last night working, I am cooking a baked sweet potato, honey pork loin and cauliflower. All made by me! Hubby and I are really excited!

Of course nothing waits for the working girl, so this weekend I will be doing laundry, cooking and doing house work. I need to try to get the stains out of my bedroom carpet from poor Greta. It’s hard to be angry at her when I know what Cystitis feels like!

So, I will work on the carpets tomorrow. **Groan** I am hopeful that I will get the stains out. I have some stain remover and it should work. If not, then the carpet is 12 years old and it might be time to either get new carpet or install laminate flooring.