Friday Five

This was a big week for me this week. Here are 5 things that kept my attention during the week.

  1. I’ve been learning to use the camera in the Smart Phone. This proved to be a good thing, because my small Canon camera sort of bit the dust. The lens does not retract properly and so it gives me an error message.
  2. Anyway, the new phone takes great pictures. Here are a few of my willing fur models!
  3. IMG_0373 (2)


    IMG_0368 (2)


    IMG_0375 (2)


    IMG_0378 (2)


  4. We ventured out to the grocery store. The first time since Motorcycle Week ended. The cupboards were bare, so it was a big shopping day!
  5. I have figured out how to use the new phone totally hands free in the Toyota. It’s nice to be able to plug it into the speakers and not have to use a headset.
  6. My back is doing very well. I did not have to use the brace at all today. Tonight it feels pretty good.

Friday Five

Five New Presents

  1. My new cell phone. Hubby realized that I really did need a Smart Phone, so we both researched it, with the help of my online friends, and Consumer Reports, and decided that the Galaxy S5 was the right one for me. Immediately I loved it! I also bought an Otterbox Case to protect it, as I am always dropping things! Bright pink! Perfect for me!!!

    Galaxy S5 with Otterbox

    Then three days after the purchase, they “upgraded my operating system to Lollipop and two of my apps stopped working. I spent most of yesterday looking up the problems on the Internet and then…I found my answers and fixed them both! Now I feel Smart!

  2. My daughter recently gave me a wonderful mini book of Savannah pictures. There are also pictures of my daughter Mandy with Savi.


    I love it! It fits right inside my pocketbook, and as always, I am the doting Oma, and show anyone who asks (or even if they don’t) my beautiful girls.

  3. My sister heard that I have a rather weird neighbor who walks slowly to his car if I am out early with Lili.


    So she went out and found the cutest summer bathrobe for me. It is light weight cotton, and so pretty!

  4. I bought myself a prezzie too! My old clog slippers finally died. They were a pair of Merrell Clogs I wore when I first was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. (8 and a half years ago) After I got my inserts, I used these well worn and well loved clogs for slippers, as I could run out with the dogs and had good rubber soles. But all good things eventually come to an end. The soles literally peeled off!  I searched and searched and I found the same model, but in dove gray.

    merrell clog

    Not my first choice, but pretty none the less, and best of all, cheap at $29.89. They arrived on Wednesday and I love them!!!

  5. I also bought myself another prezzie. A new night gown.

    night gown

    Do you ever fold your clothes after laundering them, and realize you haven’t had a new night gown in like 5 years? Or more? Mine are all in rags, and so now that I have the new bathrobe, I bought a new night gown. It’s pretty and pink!

So there you have it. Five new things that I am extremely thankful for. The pictures of Savi and Mandy being the most loved, and the new Smart Phone being the most desired! A banner week for sure!

Friday Five!

Friday Five

  1. I spent all day Thursday cooking for Hubby and Lili. Cabbage Soup, Chicken and Rice. Yes, it kept me busy the entire day.
  2. You wouldn’t think so, would you? I mean soup and chicken and rice. But trust me, there is a lot of chopping and cooking involved.
  3. We had a hail storm and in a day or two we will know if it affected our fruit trees! Hopefully not.
  4. I finally saw Hubby’s face. Oh my. I really do have a weak stomach!
  5. Tonight is a quiet night. Thank goodness! I am tired!

Friday Five

Friday Five

Here we are at the end of another week. Here are my thoughts on this rather messy (weather-wise) day.

  1. I had an important doctors appointment this week. I had a lot of blood work done and I am hopeful this will provide some answers. Meanwhile, my doctor is setting up appointments down in Boston with specialists to see if we can figure out what is wrong with me.
  2. I decided today to do some deep cleaning in my bedroom. I was amazed at the dust bunnies under the bed! They are now all gone and the rug is free and clear of bunnies!
  3. Sometimes I wish we had hardwood floors in the bedroom. It sure would be easier to keep it clean.
  4. Tomorrow Hubby and I need to take a trip to the grocery store. Not that we want to go in the rain, but the sales are good, so we want to go.
  5. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

My Friday Five

Friday Five

  1. The week seemed longer this week. Perhaps because I’ve finally been feeling better, after getting sick, literally the moment we got back from our trip! Another 103 degree temperature, sore throat and dreadful cough. I’ve been on two rounds of antibiotics and an antiviral. Then they started a new antibiotic and that seems to be doing the trick.
  2. The doctors have been confused and concerned. Something you never really want your doctors to be. It’s a scary thing when you are so sick and no one can pin point why. Yeah, call me scared to death.
  3. Finally, after going through my records we recalled that I had Lyme Disease. Silly me thought it was something you had and took antibiotics for and then you were well, never to be bothered again.
  4. It turns out that it’s with you forever and can evolve into an autoimmune disease. And I’m thinking that is what has become of me.
  5. I’ll be going in soon to see what the future will hold for me, so I can avoid four months of illness. At least I had twelve wonderful vacation days.

Friday Five

Friday Five

Here is this weeks episode of Friday Five!

  1. I got my tooth fixed! It turns out that my bite was terribly off, causing me discomfort!
  2. When I woke on Thursday it was already snowing. It snowed all day Thursday and as I write on Thursday night it is still snowing. Pretty, but I am so done with snow this year!
  3. My hair stylist re-arranged my appointment from Thursday to Saturday due to the snow. She is a peach.
  4. Hubby and I are thinking about getting a (newer) car. A hybrid 4X4 that would be good in both the winter and summer!
  5. The packing has begun!!!

Friday Five

Friday Five

Since this week has been a long one, I opted to go with a Friday Five, short list.

  1. Sunday was a bad day. A temperature of 103.6 will just knock the heck out of you!
  2. All I did was lie under a mound of covers and shake, and drift in and out of a troubled sleep.
  3. I have not had much of an appetite. But my thirst has been shocking. I suppose it’s from the coughing, and breathing out of my mouth so much.
  4. I saw my doctor for the second time, and he switched the antibiotics and said if I am not worlds better by Monday, He’ll be referring me to another doctor.
  5. So over the next few days I plan to rest, watch my Christmas movie and sleep a lot.

Friday Five

Friday Five

  1. It looks like I am done with my facial reconstructive surgery! I had my stitches out on Wednesday, brought a small gift of my jams & jellies for my doctor, and we said our good-byes.
  2. Sad really. I admire Dr. P. greatly and have valued the friendship we have shared. He helped me to believe in myself again and to see myself with new eyes.
  3. I’m going for a girls lunch today with my next door neighbor.
  4. I have this favorite little place. The Meredith Bay Coffee House. Just perfect for an intimate little lunch.
  5. Saturday is the last of the Christmas Bazaars. My friend Laurie and I will hit them all and then, we will be done.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday Five

Friday Five

Another week has flown by and I find myself quickly approaching my 55th birthday on Sunday. I don’t feel any different than I did last year, despite the rather rough and tumble year that I have had. But here are a few thoughts on Friday.

  1. My surgery went well this past Monday. Although I had a little bit of pain early on, it has not been too bad.
  2. It has been cold! C.O.L.D.!
  3. To combat the chilliness, we have had a small fire in the hearth almost every night.
  4. I’m extremely good at laying a fire. It’s a gift! lol
  5. Today I have my yearly physical. I am looking for only good news here!

Friday Five

Friday Five

As the week closes out, I often find myself with a little of this or a little of that happening in my life. So I decided to put it together and call it my Friday Five. I will try to keep it short and yet interesting.

  1. This has been an incredibly busy week for me, and yet productive. After years of toying with actually cleaning out my closet, I finally got it done! I was so proud of it, that when Janet came over the other day I even brought her in to show her the beautiful, clean closet!
  2. My new over sized (110 inches x120 inches) King blanket has now arrived! Most king sized blankets (108 inches x 90 inches) do not have enough material to tuck in. Well when we get into bed with three dackels and toss and turn, soon they have all the covers and Hubby and I are tugging for some covers. The new blanket is light blue, and absolutely beautiful! And it will cover us all well!
  3. Next week I am going to go in and start cleaning the office. I am going to do this! I have written about it for years. Yes, that’s right, years! But after finishing my closet I now feel determined to get the office done!
  4. Today, Barry the appliance repair man came and fixed our dryer, and it did not cost an arm, leg or a dackel. Not only did he fix the problem, but he cleaned the inside of the machine. He was telling me about all the dust that gathers inside the machine (in back of the drum). Many people do not know that if you have had your dryer as long as mine, you would do well to have it professionally cleaned. Tomorrow I wash sheets!!!!
  5. Lastly, I am just thrilled with the win by my Boston Red Sox last night for the World Series! This team had one thing that many other baseball teams did not have this year. They had heart. Their coach was wonderful and in the end these men not only loved their fans, they loved and respected each other! Cheers to my World Champions!