The Stone Masons finished their interior work on the fire place yesterday. So, what does this mean to me? It meant I spent all afternoon, dusting, vacuuming, and washing every available surface in that room. I had to move furniture, remove the curtains and then start the arduous task of returning the braided rug to the room after the floors were washed, as well as the coffee table, chairs, etc.
What I discovered this morning is that this 47 year old back is just not as young as it once was! Oh, the aches I felt upon waking! I finally got up and made coffee because just lying in bed felt so much worse, and usually I am a real bed potato, so you know I felt bad!
In my misspent youth, I loved to rearrange furniture. No sofa was too big! One never knew where the sofa, bed, table and chairs would be from one day to the next. Now, however, I almost never move stuff. That could explain the dust “elephants” that I found under the sofa!
My plans for today are pretty simple. Do laundry. It’s fairly straight forward and easy, and since I have my curtains to do, as well as the dust covers, there is a ton of it.
Hubby is about the same. I got in to his room this morning and got those sheets changed and served him up a big breakfast. He seems to do really well early in the day, but by noon it is all down hill, and by dinner he has very little appetite and just wants to rest.
Time for one more cup of java before I start my day.

The Agony Of Defeat

I am not graceful. In fact, I am probably related, somehow, to the athlete on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, who for the last 30 years has been “The Agony of Defeat“! I can be walking down the street, and simply trip over nothing, and land on my face. Therefore, today should not have surprised me nearly as much as it did.
I’d gone back into the guest room to retrieve a cable for my laptop, when Hubby asked me to get him a fresh cup of coffee. I picked up his cup, half filled with cold coffee and started towards the door. I paused to climb over the doggy gate, and yes, that is when it happened.
(Slow motion)
I caught my foot and began to fall. The cup went up, as I started going down. The cold coffee spurted out of the cup, onto the wall, the floor and on me! The gate crashed! Dogs ran in different directions and when all was said and done, a new bruise appeared, the walls got a coffee wash and I didn’t have to worry about emptying the cup of coffee in the sink before I filled it with fresh, hot coffee. After, I did not put the doggy gate back up. Hubby will just have to figure out how to keep the beasts off of him. It’s simply too dangerous for me.

My Day

It’s been a full day. I decided to get all my heavy work done this morning, and then watch some video’s this afternoon.
After breakfast, I cleaned the house, gathering all the trash, newspapers, bottles and boxes to bring over to the recycling center. I loaded up the Jeep and off I went.
I was a bit nervous about going, as last time, if you recall I was faced with Mr. Meanman, who yelled at me for leaving the inside insert in the cardboard wine box.
Once again I was the only woman at the recycling center. I pulled up and tossed my burnable trash, disposed of my glass bottles, and then went to the next building where just about everything else is left. I brought in the plastic bottles, the tin cans and the newspapers. Then as I was bringing in the cardboard, I saw him. Mr. Meanman! I tossed my cardboard onto the pile and went back to get another load. That’s when I saw him going over and checking the wine boxes! Ha! This week I had remembered to remove the insides, and he had nothing to yell at me for!
I came home with a spring in my step and a smile on my face!
I chopped vegetables for Jack’s favorite comfort food. It’s called “Scrambled meat” (see recipe below).
After lunch I put on a CD of:


My cousin Janet gave me the entire series for my birthday last year! It is such a funny BBC show with Dawn French, and a cast of characters that’ll make you smile. What a great way to spend an afternoon! Thanks J!

Heavy Sigh

I woke up at 3 because I was so worried about Hubby. His temperature has been high, the knee very swollen, indicating an infection in the knee. It is not unheard of, but absolutely not a good or easy thing to get rid of. He talks of feeling very weak, which I know is due to the fever and to the fact that he isn’t eating too well (me either). A call to his surgeon may be in order today.

The two dogs seem to be in tune with Hubby and spend a lot of time watching over him. It’s really sweet to watch this love for their Dad.

I need to get the drop clothes out and cover the chairs, the sofa and the table in the family room. I’ve moved every thing else out of the room to avoid getting the mortar dust all over every thing when they are demolishing the fire place front today. Yes, on top of everything else, I will have jack hammers blasting away in my home a good portion of the day.

Greta is over her heat! Yahoo! No more panties for my little Princess! This also means I can let her out in the rain to do her business without escorting her. Praise the Lord!

I think it’s time to put the coffee on.


1 See Maribeth: March 9 006.jpg

A noun
2 exhaustion
the act of exhausting something entirely
╚change of magnitude
╚decrease; diminution; reduction; step-down
3 debilitation, enervation, enfeeblement, exhaustion
serious weakening and loss of energy
╚happening; occurrence; natural event
╚change; alteration; modification
╚transformation; transmutation; shift
╚debilitation, enervation, enfeeblement, exhaustion
4 exhaustion
extreme fatigue
╚fatigue; weariness; tiredness
╚mental exhaustion; brain-fag


Hubby had all his pre-operative testing and the visit with the surgeon today. Everything went well, but I am not sure I liked what the doctor had to say. Between the cysts growing on the bones and a hairline fracture too, I didn’t feel really good after. Not that I don’t like the doctor, I do. I just worry about my Hubby!

We stopped at the motel I will be staying at and I was able to check out the place. Bed, Internet access and a Continental Breakfast each morning. What more could a girl want?

This and That

It was a big day here at The Dackel Princess Home. The oven got fixed, bills got paid, I selected a pair of glasses and I went to the LL Bean Outlet store and found a King Size Bedspread in pale blue. Now the best part about the bedspread was that, it is usually a hundred dollars and I talked the sales girl down to $50.00. Here is the deal. It was already marked down some because it was a clearance item. The item was not bagged and had been on the floor. Obviously it will need to be washed before use. So, we played, “Let’s Make A Deal” and that was the end result!
Here is a picture of the spread. I got the lightest blue one.
My new glasses will be here in about 2 weeks. I selected a pair of wire frames that are tinted a fleshy pink color. They almost fade away on my face. I also got them with the anti-glare filter on the lenses. Because I must wear glasses all the time, I decided to order a pair of sun glasses. Woo-hoo! I used my old glasses (the Harry Potter Frames), and they will have the new prescription with a polarized dark brown tint. I’m psyched!

We see the Orthopedic Surgeon for Hubby’s pre-operative appointment. He will tell us all that he plans to do, And we will make the final arrangements with both the hospital and the motel I will stay at.

After a few days of walking my little panty princess, I must say I am really ready for spring! Every time Greta has to go out, I leash her, and out we go. It has been in the single digits each morning and hasn’t gotten over 20 degrees during the day! Brrrr!
Come on Springtime!!!

Treasure Hunt

Have you ever taken stock of what you have in your cupboards, closets, or attic? Recently I started looking and I realized I had so much stuff that I do not use at all. It’s perfectly good. There are sets of dishes, silverware, glasses, casserole dishes, etc. Years of accumulation, plus the death of Hubby’s folks and absorbing their stuff too, made my collection way too big!
Hubby said, “Have a yard sale. Sell it on Ebay.”
That sounds good, but it means schlepping it all out, pricing it, setting up on the lawn, perhaps on a nice cold rainy day, (I know that this would happen, because, well, it’s me we’re talking about!).
I had a better idea.
My daughter just bought her own place. Her best friend is married and in her own home. They are young and starting out in life. Yep, you guessed it. I called them up, and asked them to come up for a “Treasure Hunt“!
They arrived at lunch, and once I fed them (a small bribe so they would take more of the stuff!), we went down and started sifting through boxes.
Before they knew what hit them, I’d gotten the entire back of the Subaru filled with boxes! I was just giddy with delight! They helped me decide to send several other boxes off to the Recycling Center (I just hope that jerky guy isn’t there to yell at me), and what to actually throw out. All in all, it was a very constructive day.
I made Hubby a pot of Lamb Paprikash and then jumped into my pajamas to relax. I think I hear the sound of a tea kettle calling my name! Hmmmmmm.

Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair

I was doing my wifely duties today. This means I was doing a job that was formerly Hubby’s, but due to his infirmities, I am now doing. I was doing the dump run. Here in New Hampshire we have a “recycling center”. We employ DPW guys to manage the facility and help sort things out when there is a question. Mostly this is a pain free job, and I do it, not because I love to do it, but because it must be done.
Today I went over to the recycling center with a Jeep load of trash, plastic bottles, cardboard and newspapers. I was doing my part.
I managed to get all the cardboard over to the cardboard pile, when in a very loud voice one of the workers says, “Lady, you can’t do this!”
I went back and looked at the cardboard. “Do what?” I asked, innocently.
These wine boxes.” (what can I say, Hubby is a cheap date!) “You have to pull the insides out of each box before you put them here!”
I could see all the other recycler’s looking at me. I felt small and stupid and like a giant spotlight was on me.
Oh, what do I do with the insert?” I asked feebly “Should I put those in the burnables?” (I was trying so hard to look like I fit in by using recycling lingo.
Just put them in the trash.” he grumbled.
I quickly finished my sorting, and then I jumped in the Jeep and got out of there quickly. How was I to know? Did he really have to be so gruff, loud and angry with me? I felt near to tears. I drove home and took it out on the only person I could. Hubby. After all it was his stupid wine boxes that caused all the trouble. I don’t even drink!
A little while later, I got groused at again, and I felt like crying. I know people have bad days, but I guess I am just feeling overly sensitive right now.
It is snowing hard and looking more and more like shoveling will be needed later this afternoon.
What else can happen today?

This and That

Yesterday I discovered that the hospital Hubby will have surgery at has a program where you can stay at an area motel at a drastically discounted rate. We called and made reservations there for me, and the pups. They are dog friendly. This means I won’t be driving 2 1/2 hours each day to be with Hubby after surgery. I am so relieved. I want to be with him after this operation. I remember what it was like for him the last time, and I know I did a lot to help with his care.
We are due for 5-7 inches of snow today. I am not happy. They say it will be light fluffy snow, and easy to shovel. Easy for who? Oh well, what do I expect, anyway? It’s February, it’s New England and into every life, a little snow must fall!
I was looking at the calendar. Yes, I often do this. I was looking into the future to when Greta will have her next heat, and then forward to when she would actually deliver puppies. I was surprised to see that the puppies would come right around the time that would have been Shubi’s birthday! I think this is a good omen.
I went shopping for salad fixings and there in the butcher’s meat case was a leg of lamb, on sale! I love lamb, and have had a hankering for it, but the prices were so high I simply wouldn’t spend the money on it. Yesterday, however, the price was right! So tonight we will have roasted lamb with asparagus! Yum!
I suppose I should get the shovels ready and put my boots by the door (heavy sigh).